50 Fun (and Spontaneous) Date Ideas With Your AFAM: Metro Manila Edition (And Nearby Cities)

In early December, my partner surprised me with another unexpected visit to my country, leaving me scrambling for fun date ideas. With work and personal commitments piling up, I was completely caught off guard and unprepared. But I wasn’t going to let him have a dull trip! Plus, it was right in the heart of the Christmas season, so I was determined to make it extra fun and memorable. Even though he hilariously responded to my request for input with a casual “Surprise Me,” I managed to piece together our itinerary with some creative brainstorming.

  1. DIY Pizza-making Night With Fresh Ingredients: This date idea is awesome because it’s interactive and gets both partners involved in the cooking process. It’s all about teamwork and creativity as you customize your pizzas with your favorite toppings.
    • We attempted to recreate his favorite pizza, Queen Tartufo, which is one of the delicious flavors from Peppe Pizzeria in Paris.
    • I suggested we try recreating Pizza Frutti Di Mare from Tartufo Ristorante (which is my favorite), but we ended up deciding to head there instead.
  2. DIY Wine And Paint Night At Home: This date idea combines artistic expression with relaxation. Painting together can be a fun and therapeutic activity, especially when accompanied by a glass of wine. You’ll need canvases, paints, brushes, wine, and optionally, some instructional painting videos or guides.
    • We got our art supplies at Craft Central at SM Megamall, Mandaluyong and and Art Bar at Bonifacio Global City.
  3. DIY Spa Day At Home With Massages And Facials: Creating a spa experience at home is a luxurious and intimate way to pamper yourselves and unwind together. You’ll need massage oils, face masks, soothing music, candles, and soft towels for a truly relaxing experience.
  4. Have A Themed Movie Marathon Night With French Classics: Watching movies together is a classic date idea, but adding a theme like French classics can make it more exciting and educational. You’ll need a selection of French films, popcorn, cozy blankets, and maybe some French-inspired snacks or desserts.
    • French Films: The Intouchables (starring Omar Sy & François Cluzet), La Vie en Rose (starring Marion Cotillard), Elle (starring Isabelle Huppert), Belle de Jour (starring Catherine Deneuve), Jules and Jim (directed by François Truffaut)
    • French Snacks/Desserts: Cheese Souffle, French Cheese Puffs, Mini-Croque Monsieur (Grayson made all of these)
  5. Have A DIY Fondue Night With Cheese And Chocolate: Fondue nights are not only delicious but also encourage sharing and closeness. Whether you opt for cheese or chocolate (or both), dipping various foods into melted goodness is sure to create a fun and intimate atmosphere which make it a
    • You’ll need a fondue pot, cheese or chocolate, dippable items like bread, fruits, and marshmallows, and skewers or forks.
  6. Have A DIY Cocktail-making Night With French-inspired Drinks: Get creative and channel your inner mixologist by crafting French-inspired cocktails together. It’s a fun way to experiment with flavors and enjoy some delicious drinks. You’ll need a variety of spirits, mixers, fruits, herbs, and garnishes to create your cocktails.
  7. Have A DIY Karaoke Night At Home: Karaoke is a lighthearted and entertaining activity that can bring lots of laughter and fun to your date night. You’ll need a karaoke machine or app, a selection of your favorite songs, and perhaps some props or costumes to add to the excitement.
  8. Outdoor Movie Night With A Projector And Blankets: Transform your backyard or balcony into a cozy outdoor cinema for a romantic movie night under the stars. It’s a unique and memorable experience that allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature while watching your favorite films. You’ll need a projector, a screen or blank wall, blankets, pillows, and some snacks to munch on during the movie.
    • Lumos Ray Home Cinema Projector (or any projectors)
  1. Go On A Horse-drawn Carriage Ride Through The City (Intramuros, Manila): This activity is romantic and nostalgic, allowing couples to explore the historic walled city of Intramuros in a charming and leisurely manner. You’ll need to book a horse-drawn carriage ride in advance and bring along a camera to capture the scenic views.
  2. Go On A Cultural Tour Of Intramuros On A Bamboo Bike: Exploring Intramuros on a bamboo bike is not only eco-friendly but also allows couples to immerse themselves in the rich history and culture of Manila’s oldest district. You’ll need to rent bamboo bikes from a local tour operator and wear comfortable clothing and sunscreen for the ride.
  3. Visit the National Museum of the Philippines: A visit to the National Museum is both educational and inspiring, offering couples the chance to appreciate Filipino art, culture, and history. You’ll need to check the museum’s operating hours and admission fees in advance.
  4. Visit the Historic Rizal Park (Luneta): Rizal Park is a beautiful and expansive urban park that offers couples the opportunity to relax, take a leisurely stroll, and admire historical monuments and landmarks. You’ll need to bring comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, and a camera to capture the park’s beauty.
  5. Explore the Historic Churches of Manila: Manila is home to several historic churches, each with its own unique architecture and cultural significance. Visiting these churches together allows couples to appreciate the city’s religious heritage. You’ll need to check the opening hours of each church and dress respectfully for your visit.
  6. Visit the San Agustin Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site: San Agustin Church is a masterpiece of Spanish colonial architecture and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Exploring its ornate interiors and tranquil courtyards is a romantic and awe-inspiring experience. You’ll need to adhere to the church’s dress code and be mindful of its religious significance.
  7. Explore the Unique Architecture of the Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar: Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a heritage resort that showcases restored Spanish colonial-era buildings. Exploring this picturesque site together allows couples to step back in time and appreciate the beauty of Filipino architecture. You’ll need to book a guided tour of the resort in advance.
  8. Explore the Art Galleries in Pinto Art Museum: Pinto Art Museum is a contemporary art space that showcases works by Filipino artists. Exploring its galleries together allows couples to appreciate modern art and engage in thought-provoking conversations. You’ll need to check the museum’s opening hours and admission fees in advance.
  9. Visit the Mind Museum in Bonifacio Global City: The Mind Museum is an interactive science museum that offers couples the chance to explore and learn together through hands-on exhibits and immersive experiences. You’ll need to check the museum’s operating hours and admission fees in advance.
  10. Visit the Ayala Museum for a Glimpse into Philippine History and Art: The Ayala Museum offers couples a comprehensive overview of Philippine history, art, and culture through its diverse collections and exhibitions. You’ll need to check the museum’s opening hours and admission fees in advance.
  11. Take a Trip to the National Museum of Fine Arts: The National Museum of Fine Arts houses a vast collection of Filipino art, including paintings, sculptures, and artifacts. Visiting this museum together allows couples to appreciate the beauty and diversity of Filipino artistic expression. You’ll need to check the museum’s operating hours and admission fees in advance.
  1. Strolling Through Legazpi Sunday Market: Strolling through Legazpi Sunday Market provides couples with a charming and vibrant atmosphere to enjoy together. With a variety of artisanal goods, local crafts, and delicious food stalls, couples can immerse themselves in the local culture while indulging in tasty treats and unique finds.
  2. Food Trip in Binondo: Going on a food trip in Binondo, the oldest Chinatown in the world, is a fantastic date idea for couples who love exploring new flavors and cuisines. From traditional Chinese dishes to Filipino-Chinese fusion cuisine, Binondo offers a culinary adventure that is sure to tantalize the taste buds and create unforgettable memories.
  3. Visiting a Chocolate or Pastry Shop: Visiting a chocolate or pastry shop like Eric Kayser Boulangerie – Rockwell provides couples with a sweet and indulgent experience to enjoy together. Sampling decadent chocolates, pastries, and desserts allows couples to satisfy their sweet cravings while also indulging in a bit of luxury and indulgence.
  4. Food Crawl in Kapitolyo: Going on a food crawl in Kapitolyo, Pasig, is a fantastic date idea for couples who love exploring new culinary hotspots and trying a variety of dishes. With its diverse range of restaurants, cafes, and eateries, Kapitolyo offers couples the opportunity to indulge in a gastronomic adventure as they hop from one food establishment to another, sampling different flavors and cuisines along the way.
  5. Food Tour in Quezon City’s Maginhawa Street: Going on a food tour in Quezon City’s Maginhawa Street offers couples a laid-back and eclectic dining experience. Known for its hip and quirky vibe, Maginhawa Street is lined with a diverse array of restaurants, food stalls, and cafes offering a wide range of cuisines and flavors. Couples can explore the vibrant food scene of Maginhawa Street while enjoying the relaxed and bohemian atmosphere of this popular dining destination.
  6. Dine at French Restaurants in Metro Manila: Taking him to French restaurants in Metro Manila was my idea, thinking he might miss the flavors of home. I discovered some great spots in the city where he could experience the Philippines’ unique twist on his favorite cuisine.
  7. Dinner Date at some of the best Steak Houses: To indulge his love for steak, I took him to some top steak houses in the Metro. It’s a joy seeing him enjoy his favorite dish. And don’t worry, we balance it out with daily runs and workouts to stay healthy.
  8. Dinner Date at some of the best buffets/eat-all-you can in Metro Manila: There were times we couldn’t decide what to eat, so I took him to my favorite buffets in the Metro. It’s great because he can choose whatever he likes and try new dishes. And let me tell you, he’s got quite the sweet tooth – he practically lives at the dessert stations! Haha!
  1. Picnic in a Park at Rainforest Adventure Experience (RAVE): This idea is perfect for couples who enjoy spending time outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature. You’ll need a picnic blanket, a basket filled with delicious snacks and beverages, and perhaps some outdoor games or a book to enjoy together.
  2. Visit a Botanical Garden or Flower Market at San Diego Gardens, Intramuros: Botanical gardens and flower markets offer couples a peaceful and romantic setting to stroll hand in hand, admire beautiful blooms, and take in the fragrant scents of nature. You’ll need comfortable walking shoes, a camera to capture the beauty, and perhaps a picnic lunch to enjoy amidst the flowers.
  3. Take a Day Trip to a Nearby Beach for Sunbathing and Swimming in Masasa Beach, Tingloy: A day trip to the beach is a classic date idea that never gets old. Masasa Beach offers couples pristine shores, crystal-clear waters, and breathtaking views, making it the perfect place for sunbathing, swimming, and relaxation. You’ll need sunscreen, towels, swimwear, and snacks for a beach picnic.
  4. Take a Day Trip to Tagaytay and Enjoy the View of Taal Volcano: Tagaytay is renowned for its cool climate, scenic views, and delicious food, making it an ideal destination for a day trip with your partner. You’ll need a camera to capture the panoramic views of Taal Volcano, and perhaps a blanket to cozy up together and enjoy a romantic picnic.
  5. Go on a Nature Walk in La Mesa Eco Park: Nature walks are a wonderful way for couples to unwind, reconnect with each other, and appreciate the beauty of the natural world. La Mesa Eco Park offers lush greenery, tranquil lakes, and scenic trails perfect for leisurely strolls. You’ll need comfortable walking shoes, a camera, and perhaps some binoculars for birdwatching.
  6. Visit the Ayala Triangle Gardens for a Relaxing Afternoon: The Ayala Triangle Gardens is a green oasis in the heart of the city, offering couples a serene and peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. You’ll need a picnic blanket, a book or magazine to read, and perhaps some snacks to enjoy under the shade of the trees.
  7. Go on a Snorkeling Adventure in Anilao, Batangas: Snorkeling together allows couples to explore the vibrant underwater world, marvel at colorful coral reefs, and encounter fascinating marine life. Anilao is renowned for its pristine dive sites and crystal-clear waters, making it a perfect destination for snorkeling enthusiasts. You’ll need snorkeling gear, sunscreen, and waterproof cameras to capture underwater memories.
  8. Go on a Guided Nature Hike to Discover Hidden Gems: Guided nature hikes offer couples the chance to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations, discover hidden gems, and learn about local flora and fauna from knowledgeable guides. You’ll need sturdy hiking shoes, insect repellent, and a sense of adventure.
  9. Take a Day Trip to the Beaches of Zambales: Zambales is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines, offering couples pristine sands, clear waters, and stunning sunsets. You’ll need beach essentials such as towels, sunscreen, swimwear, and snacks for a beach picnic.
  10. Take a Scenic Drive: Plaridel Bypass Road, Bulacan: A scenic drive is a relaxing and romantic way to explore the countryside together, with breathtaking views and picturesque landscapes along the way. You’ll need a reliable vehicle, a map or GPS navigation system, and some good music to set the mood.
  11. Sunset Cruise along Manila Bay with Manila Yacht Rentals & Events: A sunset cruise is a romantic and memorable way to enjoy the beauty of Manila Bay, with stunning views of the city skyline and colorful sunsets. You’ll need to book a sunset cruise with a reputable yacht rental company and perhaps some champagne to toast to your love.
  12. Try a New Outdoor Activity like Paddleboarding at Taal Lake Tour SUP Experience: Trying new outdoor activities together is a fun way to challenge yourselves, bond as a couple, and create lasting memories. You’ll need to book a paddleboarding or rock climbing session with a certified instructor and follow their safety instructions.
  13. Rock Climbing at Climb Central Manila: Rock climbing is such a blast for a date because it’s not just a physical challenge, but also a great way to bond and support each other. Plus, conquering those walls together can really boost your confidence as a team
  14. Visit a Theme Park or Amusement Park for Thrill Rides at Skyranch Tagaytay: Theme parks offer couples the chance to unleash their inner child, enjoy adrenaline-pumping rides, and create unforgettable moments of laughter and excitement. You’ll need tickets to the theme park, comfortable clothing and footwear, and perhaps a camera to capture your reactions on the rides.
  15. Visited another Amusement Park – SM by the Bay: We also checked out SM By The Bay since it’s right here in Metro Manila. And let me tell you, the Christmas lights there during the holiday season are absolutely spectacular!
  16. Go on a Treasure Hunt or Geocaching Adventure: Treasure hunts and geocaching are exciting and interactive date ideas that encourage couples to work together, solve clues, and explore new places. You’ll need a map or GPS device, clues or coordinates for the treasure hunt, and perhaps some small prizes or treats for the winners.
  17. Morning Runs: I convinced him to join me for a morning run, and I’ve been on a mission to discover new running spots to keep things fresh and challenging. I figured if we’re going to indulge in our foodie adventures, we’ve gotta stay active too, right? So, does this count as a date idea?
  1. Take A Pottery Or Ceramics Class To Create Handmade Souvenirs: Pottery classes offer couples the opportunity to learn a new skill and create personalized souvenirs or keepsakes to commemorate their time together. It also encourages communication and teamwork as couples navigate the challenges of working with clay. From learning the basics of shaping to mastering more advanced techniques like wheel throwing, the process of creating pottery requires patience, cooperation, and mutual support.
  2. Art Class to Unleash Creativity Together at Sip & Gogh Century City Mall: Taking an art class together is a fun and creative way to bond as a couple. Sip & Gogh offers painting classes accompanied by wine, allowing couples to unleash their inner artists in a relaxed and social atmosphere. You’ll need to book a class in advance and be prepared to get a little messy!
  1. Jeepney Ride Around the City: Taking a jeepney ride around the city is a fantastic date idea for couples as it provides a unique and authentic way to explore the local sights and sounds. Jeepneys are iconic symbols of Filipino culture and offer a nostalgic and adventurous journey through the bustling streets of the city. Couples can enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, colorful decorations, and lively music onboard while taking in the sights and landmarks of the city. It’s a fun and memorable experience that allows couples to bond over shared excitement and adventure.
    • What You Need:
      • Cash for fare (usually a minimal amount)
      • Comfortable clothing and footwear for exploring the city
      • Camera or smartphone to capture memorable moments
  2. Ride the Tricycle: Having him ride the tricycle is another fantastic date idea that offers couples a glimpse into everyday life in the Philippines. Tricycles are a popular mode of transportation in many cities and towns, providing a convenient and affordable way to get around. Couples can enjoy the thrill of riding on these unique vehicles while exploring the local neighborhood or visiting nearby attractions. It’s a fun and authentic experience that allows couples to immerse themselves in the local culture and create lasting memories together.
    • What You Need:
      • Cash for fare (usually a minimal amount)
      • Comfortable clothing and footwear for riding
      • Awareness of safety precautions, such as holding on securely and observing traffic rules
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