2022 Visa-Free Destinations for Philippine Passport Holders

2022 Visa-Free Destinations for Philippine Passport Holders

Filipino nationals can travel visa-free to more than thirty countries, and they can apply for a Visa on Arrival or an eVisa to another fifty-plus countries. This brings the total number of over 80 countries where Filipinos can go without having to deal with lengthy bureaucratic procedures at different embassies.

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Visa Free Countries for Filipinos

When you travel visa-free, you simply need to show your passport and travel ticket to immigration officers when you arrive in a foreign country. You won’t need to apply for a visa unless you want to stay longer than allowed.

Filipinos don’t need a visa to travel to the following countries:

BarbadosVisa-Free90 Days
BoliviaVisa-Free90 Days
BrazilVisa-Free90 Days
ColombiaVisa-Free90 Days
Costa RicaVisa-Free90 Days
Cote d’Ivoire
(Ivory Coast)
Visa-Free90 Days
DominicaVisa-Free21 Days
FijiVisa-Free120 Days
GambiaVisa-Free90 Days
HaitiVisa-Free90 Days
IsraelVisa-Free90 Days
KazakhstanVisa-Free30 Days
MongoliaVisa-Free21 Days
MoroccoVisa-Free90 Days
Palestinian TerritoriesVisa-Free
PeruVisa-Free180 Days
RwandaVisa-Free90 Days
SingaporeVisa-Free30 Days
St. Vincent and
the Grenadines
Visa-Free30 Days
SurinameVisa-Free30 Days
TajikistanVisa-Free30 Days
ThailandVisa-Free30 Days
VietnamVisa-Free21 Days

NOTE: In some countries, such as when traveling to Morocco, Thailand, or Ecuador, you must also provide a travel insurance.

Countries Where Filipinos Can Get Visa on Arrival

When you get at your destination, you will be issued a Visa on Arrival. Unlike a regular visa, you do not need to visit an Embassy in your home country, however you may need to apply online first.

The requirements for a Visa on Arrival for Filipino nationals vary based on the country you are travelling to. Before you travel, you must learn what documents you will need to provide to Immigration officers. Typically, you will be required to submit documents as proof of the following:

  • You have enough financial resources to support last through your trip
  • You will leave the country before your visa expires (such as a return/onward flight ticket)
  • You have accommodation, such as a hotel/Airbnb booking
  • You have adequate travel health insurance

Armenia Visa On Arival120 Days
AzerbaijanVisa On Arrival*** Only if you have
residence permit for
the UAE
Benin Visa On Arrival8 Days
Comoros Visa On Arrival45 Days
IranVisa On Arrival30 Days
Kenya Visa On Arrival3 Months
Kyrgyzstan Visa On Arrival1 Month
Madagascar Visa On Arrival90 Days
MalawiVisa On Arrival30 Days
*** You can extend your
stay to 90 days once
you arrive.
Marshall IslandsVisa On Arrival90 Days
MauritaniaVisa On Arrival30 Days
Mauritius Visa On Arrival60 Days
Mozambique Visa On Arrival30 Days
NepalVisa On Arrival90 Days
Nicaragua Visa On Arrival90 Days
PakistanVisa On Arrival*** As long as you
have an Electronic
Travel Authorization
for business purposes
Papua New GuineaVisa On Arrival60 Days
Saint LuciaVisa On Arrival6 Weeks
SenegalVisa On Arrival90 Days
Sri LankaVisa On Arrival30 Days
Tanzania Visa On Arrival3 Months
The MaldivesVisa On Arrival30 Days
The Shenzhen
province of China
Visa On Arrival*** You must have had
a visa for China sometime
in the past to be eligible.
VietnamVisa On Arrival21 Days
Timor-LesteVisa On Arrival30 Days
TogoVisa On Arrival7 Days
Trinidad and TobagoVisa On Arrival90 days
UgandaVisa On Arrival30 Days

Countries Where Filipinos Can Get eVisa

Before you travel to your destination, you must secure an eVisa online. Government websites typically have their own dedicated servers for processing eVisa applications.

Check the website of the Embassy or Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Tourism of the country where you plan to go for information on where to apply for an eVisa.

Antigua and BarbudaeVisa90 Days
ArmeniaeVisa120 Days
Benin eVisa30 Days
DjiboutieVisa31 Days
EthiopiaeVisa90 Days
*** You must enter the
country through the Addis Ababa
Bole International Airport.
GaboneVisa*** You have to enter
through the Libreville
International Airport.
GeorgiaeVisa30 days within a
120-day period
GuineaeVisa90 Days
Guinea-BissaueVisa90 Days
IndiaeVisa60 Days
KenyaeVisa3 Months
KyrgyzstaneVisa1 Month
LesothoeVisa90 Days
MadagascareVisa90 Days
MalawieVisa90 Days
Papua New GuineaeVisa60 Days
QatareVisa30 Days
Russia eVisa 8 Days.
***You can only visit
the following regions:
Saint Petersburg,
Leningrad Region and
Kaliningrad Region
Saint Kitts and NeviseVisa30 Days
São Tomé and PríncipeeVisa30 Days
Sri LankaeVisa30 Days
TanzaniaeVisa3 Months
Uzbekistan eVisa30 Days

Source: Henley Passport Index

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