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Traveler Spotlight: Trixie Ricablanca-Angeles, Nurse. Fiscover the holiday activities of book-loving travelers.

Traveler Spotlight: Trixie Ricablanca-Angeles

Our Traveler Spotlight is Trixie Ricablanca-Angeles. She is a nurse by profession, a volunteer to non-profit organization, a traveler and a self-proclaimed book geek. She is also a former colleague who became a very good friend of mine. 

Traveler Spotlight Questions:

1. How do you spend your day offs?
Checking out places I’ve never been – restaurants, malls, beaches. Or sometimes, a movie date with my husband and his nieces.

2. What do you do in life?
I’m currently waiting for my work permit and might take some time. However, I am currently volunteering in a non profit organization. Mostly about pancreatic cancer awareness and clinical trial.

3. How have you developed your career?
Dreaming about what you want to become, Hard Work and Passion to make it happen.

4. Who are your biggest influences?
Career wise, its my former trainers and former bosses when I was starting. Julie my trainer in a teleradiology company, Edz, my former trainer and Zell, my former team lead.

5. How long have you been traveling?
I guess I really enjoy travelling since I finally had a job. Maybe around 7 to 10 years ago.

6. what made you pursue this?
I just want to see more places ☺ we are not a tree that is stuck in one place. This is a privilege of being human.

7. How has traveling changed you?
Traveling can give you that feeling of being free. Free from stress and problems. It can help you find yourself when you are lost.

8. What’s your dream destination?
South Korea ☺

9. What’s your most memorable travel (so far) and why?
My first ever solo trip to Baguio. The first time I traveled to Pampanga was a disaster. I felt so scared and I didn’t prepare on it. I didn’t enjoy it because I was afraid of something that I don’t know. Thus, I have to redeem myself and so, I took a trip to Baguio with myself. Although it was scary to travel alone (and I’m a girl too), I have to master the courage to go on my own, otherwise, I won’t be where I am right now. And I would always live with my “what if’s”.

A lot of dreams were conceived in that place. That trip made me want to travel to the US alone and find my destiny.

10. Any travel tips that you’d like to impart to our fellow travelers?
Get your travel tickets early and make sure to canvas your airfare. If you can afford to buy tickets on the spot, go. But then there are a lot of ways to travel on budget.

Don’t forget to bring your books in your baggage when traveling. You’d be traveling so many times in one trip ☺

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