Traveler Spotlight: Irish Dunca

Our traveler of the month for December 2021 is Irish Dunca, a New Zealand-based nurse who enjoys traveling and fashion. I had the pleasure of working with her in 2015; she is a dedicated person who is always keen to take on new challenges. She was also the kindest coworker (turned friend) who was always willing to help and went above and beyond.

Traveler Spotlight Questions

What made you start traveling?

I’ve started to be interested in traveling when I started to see different cultures from different countries I’ve visited. It was amazing to experience their food, traditions and just simply talking to the locals is already fun.

What have been some of your favorite destinations? (Name 1-3 places)

I am now based in New Zealand and this country is now my top next is Singapore and last is Dubai.

If you could travel anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go and why?

My top list country at the moment is South Korea, I am very interested in their culture and the way they talked which leads me in studying their language. So, if I could travel anywhere tomorrow I wish I could go there and eat all the Korean food I could and finally try my Hangeul.

What do you do when you are not traveling?

Work! Work! Work! Haha Working can give me money to save so I could travel again to my next destination country.

Do you have any advice or tips for aspiring travelers?

Ahm? Don’t stop traveling! Make sure to go to a new place you’ve never been before even just once a year. They said money can’t buy happiness but spending our hard-earned money through traveling will definitely make us happy because we are not only going to a place and having fun but we are making new memories that would last forever.

How can people find you on the internet/social media?

Actually, it’s fine not to find me. Haha I’m a shy type and I don’t have those photography-level photos but my Instagram is ishtot.”

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Traveler of the Month - Irish Dunca
Traveler of the Month - Irish Dunca

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  1. South Korea is also one of my bucket list. Japan is the first

  2. It is veRy lovely to get know Irish and what she likes to travel to. I hope she can visit to South Korea someday.

  3. I love reading about travelers. they are such wonderful, creative and interesting people to talk to. I feel inspired reading the post

  4. I love hearing stories of where others have traveled! I have been wanting to visit New Zealand!

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