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Our traveler of the month is Mr. Leo Kevin Mendiola. He’s an IT Project Manager by profession who enjoys traveling and joining marathon races.

Backstory: We have been following each other on Instagram but we haven’t interacted except when liking each others’ posts. Until sometime in 2015, I finally met him in an event we were both invited to. I think, I fangirled a little.

Traveler of the Month Questions:

1. How do you spend your day offs?
If I am not traveling or covering blogging events, I am in Batangas spending quality time with my family.

2. What do you do in life?
I am an IT Project Manager by profession.

3. How have you developed your career?
I started as a Systems Engineer in a Filipino owned I.T. Firm. After that, I spent years doing Business Analysis in a hotel chain and then finally become Project Manager after acquiring the skills to be one.

4. Who are your biggest influences?
Too many to mention. I consider a lot of people whom I am drawing influences from. I always surround myself with people who can me help me become a better version of myself.

5. How long have you been traveling?
I started travelling way back 2010. It has been an awesome 8 years so far.

6. What made you pursue this?
It’s in traveling that I got to know myself more. I love hearing stories from people from all walks of life and with their experiences, it inspires me to be creative. Traveling opens a lot of doors and let me discover different perspectives which help me grows as a person.

7. How has traveling changed you?
It changed me for the better. It widens one’s thinking. Traveling is not just a destination but it’s the journey on how you get there.

8. What’s your dream destination?
My dream destination is Italy. My father used to work there and I would love to revisit places I’ve seen through the photographs he had taken.

9. What’s your most memorable travel (so far) and why?
One of my most memorable travel is way back 2013 when I first experience solo traveling. I attended Masskara Festival in Bacolod and met a lot of solo traveler and backpackers as well.

10. Any travel tips that you’d like to impart to our fellow travelers?
Don’t be afraid to start conversation with a stranger. You might miss a lot of great stories from their travel and personal experiences.


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