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Get ready to dive into the tropical paradise of the Philippines with GOLDEN ISLAND SEÑORITA! We’re your go-to destination for all things amazing, offering honest reviews, killer tips, and savvy advice to help you experience this country like a true local.

From jaw-dropping beaches that will leave you speechless to awe-inspiring mountain vistas, we’ve got you covered every step of the way. But wait, there’s more! Discover hidden gems and unleash your inner adventurer with our exclusive insights into unique travel spots and insanely fun activities that will take your trip to the next level of awesome.

Are you excited to rock the Philippines? Let’s jump in and create memories that will leave you craving an encore!

PS: Does the name ring a bell with you? It’s from a song called Sunburn by Sandwich.

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Hey there, I’m Polly Amora, a corporate warrior by day, and a perpetual explorer by heart. I’m all about embracing life’s adventures, from conquering peaks to basking on sandy shores, wandering city streets, and savoring exotic flavors.

I’m a lifelong learner, and my curiosity knows no bounds. Music, the great outdoors, writing, free diving, obsessing over my three kitty cats, and picking up new languages – that’s my jam. One thing I firmly stand by is that you don’t need to ditch your job to embrace wanderlust. It’s totally possible to juggle the 9-to-5 and globe-trotting – because, why settle for one when you can have the best of both worlds?

So, here’s to exploring, learning, and living life to the fullest!


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Where are you from?

I’m from the Philippines.

How many languages can you speak?

I speak four languages (Filipino, English, French, & Russian).

How often do you travel?

Every year, I attempt to visit one country and 3 provinces here in the Philippines. I like returning to places that I’ve visited previously.

What’s your favorite country aside from the Philippines?

Japan & France

Do you accept quest posting?

Unfortunately, I do not accept guest postings at this time.

What sources of income does your blog have?

I earn a bit of commission through collaborations, affiliate marketing and ads. Thank you very much for the supporting me through this!

What do you consider to be most rewarding aspect of being a travel blogger?

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a travel blogger is having the opportunity to influence/encourage people to travel. Every time i get an email thanking me for writing about a place or telling me that my blog helped them plan their vacation, i do a little dance. The feeling is amazing!

How much time do you put into writing content?

I’d estimate 3 hours for brainstorming, drafting the entire article, and proofreading.

Is blogging your main source of income? How do I start a blog that makes money?

I wish! But, no, I run a business and have a couple side hustles (offline).


  1. I came across your article about traveling while running a business and thought I’d check your profile. Not everyone has the same mindset, the same goals, or even the same personality type when it comes to their careers and handling money specially the Millennials. Some would rather go in debt just to impress others on Facebook that could actually careless one way or the other. Nice work, young lady.

    1. Hi Anthony! I am aware that millennials get a bad rap when it comes to work or finances but I can’t blame you. Thank you very much for dropping by and for the kind words. <3

  2. Your attitude is contagious. You spread optimism and positivity. Demonstrate your passion by approaching things with energy, focus, purpose, and enthusiasm. I’m also a Pinay and I’m proud to call you a kabayan. Excited to read your future posts!

    1. Hi Mara – Kabayan!! Thank you very very much! You’re too sweet. <3

  3. I just found your webiste! And I have to say I really enjoyed it, its definetly one of my new reference sites. I came across it today when I googled “reasons why you should travel alone” and after reading it made me feel so light and wonderfull. I found other amazing topics, like “habits of mentally strong woman” and usually I saty away from sites like those because often they make the reader feel like your not good enough or like they are taking a dig at your persona. Your however, felt like it was close friend or family member giving me advice but still assertive and I really like that. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Angela! I’m really happy to hear that. Thank you very very much! <3

  4. Your posts are great. You say what I think and feel, only better. And you look fabulous! I struggle with my own blog and look up to yours. I am happy to see your journey. Incredible work!

    1. Hi Gabriela, thank you very much for dropping by and for the encouragement! <3

  5. you’re witty and charming in your communication, you have a super sociable persona. first time here and i found you through instagram. i didn’t regret it!

    1. Hi Nancy, I am very happy to hear that! Thank you very much for dropping by. <3

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