Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  If it feels like the year flew by – well, there is a pandemic that has seemed to distort time. Nonetheless, you’re still on the hook for the most romantic day of the year.  Given how stressful and chaotic 2020 and 2021 were, you may be feeling some pressure to make 2022’s Valentine’s Day even more spectacular especially for couples who are in a long-distance relationship.

Here are some fantastic activities to do on Valentine’s Day to make it extra special!

Be The First Person They Hear In The Morning And The Last Person They Hear Before Going To Bed.

A good morning text may seem insignificant, but it might mean more than you realize. Why is this important? Sending them a good morning text shows that you’re thinking about them. Who doesn’t love to know their partner is thinking about them right away in the morning? It’s the best feeling. And I’m sure it’ll brighten their entire day. 

Good night text messages can be incredibly romantic, and they can make someone feel loved and cared for.

If you’re both comfortable, call them. Whenever my partner asks me to wake him up, especially if he has an early morning appointment, I happily oblige since I loved hearing his sleepy voice.

Arrange a Zoom Dinner Date

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you’re probably already an expert at staying in touch when you can’t be in the same place at the same time (or even the same time zone). However, even long-distance couples may find themselves in a rut, so it may be time to shake things up with new date night activities especially on Valentine’s Day.

Things to Prepare:
  • Time and Date – Agree on what time and date, it’d be awesome if both have enough free time.
  • Food – We both agreed that I would grab our meal. I asked him what he liked and ordered more items I thought he’d enjoy.
  • Location – Choose a quiet and private place where you won’t be interrupted — and switch off your phone and other gadgets to prevent distractions. Save for the laptop/phone you’ll be using to video call your significant other. It’s also important that your internet connection is solid, since it’d be a bummer if the video call dropped in the middle of your date. Set it up to seem like you’re at a restaurant (if that’s your vibe).
  • Activities – Have a virtual date but aren’t sure what to do? Of course, there’s the obvious—talking and getting to know each other. However, if you’re past that stage and want to add some fun activity to the date, here are my recommendation:
    • Going on a virtual museum tour whilst sharing your screen
    • Online board game
    • Taking an online class together
    • Doing virtual karaoke
    • Go for a walk together
    • Watch a movie or a comdey special on Netflix
    • Play a trivia game
  • Outfit – He often sees me in my pajamas or casual attire, but since this is a date night, I want to look good for him without him knowing that I am trying to look good for him. I was able to find a dress and had them delivered within the month and a pair of nude heels I haven’t worn for ages. He also gifted me a ruby necklace on my birthday. I’m not sure what he’ll be wearing, but I’m hoping he’ll wear the cufflinks I gave him.

Use Delivery Services To Surprise Them With Their Favorite Meal.

I had no idea how food deliveries work in France (I also didn’t know they delivered gourmet cuisine at home) until I asked my boyfriend’s sister about it. It turns out that they, too, rely on Uber Eats, and it works brilliantly! All you need is the app and your debit/credit card (be sure they cater to international merchants – you may ask your bank about it).

The key here is to be very specific in every detail. My boyfriend lives somewhere in Marseille (France), and I located each restaurant that I plan to order from using Google Maps (some restaurants have branches nearby so it might be a little bit confusing). Fortunately, the majority of it has active Facebook pages where you can directly message them. I inquired about it a week ago, and I was able to secure and pay for my order. Take note of the time zones (some establishments in France are closed on Sundays, Mondays, and holidays).

Details to Give the Restaurants:

  • Food to order and quantity
  • Time and date to be delivered
  • Receipient’s name, address and mobile number
  • Packaging instructions

I tried it a few times and can honestly say that the service I received was above and beyond my expectations (which earned me browny points from his mom).

Mail Them A Care Package Of Their Favorite Things.

Putting together a personalized care package for someone you care about will get the message across.  Your significant other will understand how much you care for them and will not question your feelings for them.

The best bet is to make the package relevant to the recipient’s lifestyle. They will see that you pay attention to their interests and that you care about them.

How I Pulled It Off: It’s a good thing I became close with his siblings and was able to enlist their assistance in getting things set up. last year, the few items that I ordered online, had been delivered to them while the rest were from shops a few minutes away from them. They also delivered the package personally. The trick here is to plan this a few weeks ahead of time so the package will be delivered on or before Valentine’s Day.

Grayson’s surprise: Apple Watch Hermes
Valentine’s Day gifts for Grayson

Make Them a Spotify Playlist

Music is almost always a fantastic way to spice up a date night. A wonderful love song can make any occasion more memorable, whether you’re making a romantic dinner together, playing a board game, or simply resting while looking at the stars.

Exchange Fragrances

We see each other every day via video calls and were curious about how the other smelled. He has a keen eye and is very observant. He immediately recognized my perfume bottles and was able to determine which one was my favorite.

In connection to that, another DIY project that Grayson and I made was scented candles since we couldn’t use our perfumes we chose essential oils that were locally available.

Grayson’s perfume, Tobacco Oud by Tom Ford gives of Whiskey, Tobacco, Sandalwood, Vanilla, and Cedarwood. I was able to find them at Young Living. While my perfume, Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs smells like, daisy. He found it at Amazon.

For a Do-It-Yourself guide, here’s a video.

Take Them Around The Neighborhood.

As someone who enjoys traveling, I’m constantly intrigued by new places and would like to learn more about them. I’m pleased my partner shared my enthusiasm since he also asked about having a tour of the places I visit.

Some pictures Grayson took while visiting Aix-en-Provence, France. Bibliothèque Méjanes.

Watch A Sporting Event Together.

You and your beau can watch sporting events together if you both enjoy sports. The disadvantage is that your team could not be playing at the time, or you might be rooting for a different team. You’ll almost certainly end up watching replays online on the ESPN App or DVR.

Or Stream A Concert Together.

If you and your partner enjoy music, streaming a virtual concert is an excellent choice. Invite your significant other over and get warm and cozy while listening to your favorite band and there are heaps of concerts available online.

Make A Music Video.

Romantic date night ideas should be lively and enjoyable, able to revitalize your love life and allow the one-on-one time that all couples deserve. One of the things that we tried was to make a music video from one of our favorite songs. In Grayson’s case, he arranged and sang a medley of the Beatle’s songs while I play the ukelele.

Take A Matching Photo In Various Places.

We both love to travel and have been to different parts of the world. We’ve also traveled to sites that the other has been to, such as the Trevi Fountain in Rome, the Apollo Statue in Nice, the Dead Sea in Israel, and Plaza Mayor in Salamanca, Spain. We had photographs in these places as well, I requested copies of his and ‘collage’ them.

I also randomly annoy him for ‘couple selfies’ via video chat, such as when we both had our Covid-19 booster shots and I asked him to pose with his vaccination card. Or while we were out and about, or at the gym, or just cooking at home. Even when we were wearing matching colored pajamas.

I had all of the photos printed, delivered, and ready to be opened on Valentine’s Day. I’m excited!

Plan Your Next Date/Staycation. Or Vacation.

Grayson and I both lead busy lives, and our schedules may be chaotic at times. We couldn’t relax properly in our flats and were always tempted to work.

During staycations, we both agreed to avoid work-related activities such as checking emails. It can wait! We make sure to close notifications and distractions. You may include this note when you’re planning to avoid ruining the moment when you’re there.

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