Asakusa in Tokyo, Japan | Destination



Asakusa is one of the areas which is popular amongst both Japanese and tourists. This was my second time visiting Asakusa and I coundn’t suppress the feeling of excitement the night before and thought ‘I can’t wait to go back and explore again’.


From Shinjuku Station: Take the Marounuchi Line  in Shinjuku Sanchome station going to Akasaka-mitsuke Station  , transfer couch to Ginza Line  going to Asakusa Station .
Price: JP¥240 (covers both train-rides, no need to re-purchase a ticket)

FYI: Just in case you purchased a ticket that’s lesser the amount required you may have it ‘readjusted’ at your destination (in this case, Asakusa station). Just ask the station staff (most of them can speak English and are very friendly ).

TIP: It is easier to remember which train to take by taking note of the station numbers. Each has their own assigned numbers and each lane has color coding. For example, Ginza line has GOLD as their assigned color and Ginza Line in Asakusa station is 19 hence, ).



1. Rickshaw ride around the Senso-Ji Temple

Price: 12 minutes: 3,000 yen /passenger

2. Admire the oldest Buddist tempe in Tokyo, Japan dating 645 AD (don’t forget to take pictures). The 5-story pagoda which was built by Tokugawa Iemitsu, the third Shogun of the Edo era is just nearby. The temple is open from 06:00 to 17:00 every day and is free.

3. Get ‘purified’ at the the Chozuya.

4. Yukata Shopping at Nakamise-dōri

Yukata (dress) – Y3800
Sash – Y1000

5. Have a taste of their street foods

6. The Tokyo Skytree is just 5-7 minutes walk from the temple. I decided not to go since it’s visible from there.



This restaurant was recommened by the lady who I brought my kimono from. According to her it’s one of the best places to eat Gyoza and Ramen.  I loved the food and the service is excellent! Sad I couldn’t read Katakana/Hirigana (yet). I would love to recommend this too!


It’s surprising quiet even though the place packed. They have music playing during the day but I didn’t find it too loud and you could have a peaceful lunch. and the service is excelent! The crew are friendly and accomodating. When they first heard me speak English, they immediately handed me a translated version of their menu. They happily gave me recommendations.


GYOZA (Y290). The underside of the gyoza is a bit burnt, but fortunately, that doesn’t dominate the overall taste. Instead, it gives the dumplings a nice toasty crunch.

OCHORON RAMEN (Y780). This is absolutely delicious. It is hot and spicy with chives, cabbage and is topped with slices of pork. This is good for 2 person (and I finished it, don’t judge me).

Their YAKISOBA is scrumptious. The quality is evident in its excellent texture. Firm to the bite and pleasantly chewy, these noodles were great to slurp up.

Me waiting for my food. 😀


Unlike my first, which I only spent an hour and that’s just to see the Sensoji Temple. My sescond trip to Asakusa is truly memorable and fun. I spent the whole afternoon riding the rickshaw, talking to locals and fellow travelers, exploring the busy streets and stores (even bought a Yukata) and trying their food. I would definitelly go back to explore more.

25 thoughts on “Asakusa in Tokyo, Japan | Destination

  1. My boyfriend just spent a few weeks in Japan and he really LOVED it! I cannot wait for my own trip to Japan next year, I’ll have to make sure to visit Asakusa!


  2. Japan is such a great destination for my next travel. It looks like a lot of fun and adventure exploring this place.


  3. It is great to see that you had an amazing time in Asakusa. These pictures look beautiful and it is no wonder that you were so excited to visit this place!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. That Temple looks amazing! No wonder I just love Japanese architecture. Anyway, while in Asakusa, I think I’d prefer eating Ochoron Ramen since I think I’m quite familiar with cabbage and pork…ha-ha!


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