Travel Guide: White Beach in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

Puerto Galera is well-known for its beaches, the White beach and the Sabang beach. The island is family-friendly during the day, with water sports and jet ski rentals. At night, the bars and restaurants fill up with party-goers with fire dancers and sometimes steel drummers. Here are some tips on how to fully enjoy Puerto Galera!

How To Get To Puerto Galera, Philippines

It is only 3 hours away from Manila; two hours by land to Batangas City Port, and one hour by boat. Take the bus with the sign that say “Batangas Pier via Calabarzaon”. It can be found around corner of Gil Puyat Avenue in Cubao or Taft Avenue in Pasay City. The fare for the journey is around 170php. The journey will end at Batangas Pier where you will switch to a ferry going to Puerto Galera. The ferry ride will cost you 500php (this is a round trip – same ferry will take you back to Batangas pier the next day) and in addition, you will need to pay an ‘Environmental fee’ of 50php and a ‘Terminal fee’ of 10php.

Tip: The next day (going back to Batangas Pier FROM Puerto Galera), be sure to be at the docking area before the agreed time or you will be left behind. They usually arrive around 12:00 noon and stay for at least until 1:00 PM.

puerto galera philippines
The group at the pier while waiting for the ferry
puerto galera philippines
Finally, boarding!

Where To Eat in Puerto Galera, Philippines

You’ll see a variety of restaurants on the beach, few of them are open 24 hours, rest shut by 1:00 AM After dropping our bags and resting in our hotel, we stopped at this restaurant. Food is good for the price and serving was also good. Nothing posh but still a good find.  They have two branches there. The center branch gets full, so, go to the one near the docking area. This is a 24 hour food place. Normally, it might take a while for your order to be served since they are usually full (reason why we stayed a bit in our hotel). Nice scenic view while having lunch.

puerto galera philippines
puerto galera philippines
We spent the whole afternoon swimming.
puerto galera philippines
While the boys cooked dinner

I had the chance to get a henna tattoo from a local named Randolf Anio for only 100 PHP. He has tons of designs to choose from but you can request your own too.

puerto galera philippines

Night Life in Puerto Galera, Philippines

Earlier I mentioned that a few restaurants/bars are open 24 hours. Giving you lots of time to mingle, munch, and chat with your best buddies and enjoy the booze. There are also entertainers that appear on stage from time to time (pretty much what goes on in a comedy bar) and I tell you, I almost choked laughing. The entertainers were engaging. They would pick one person from the audience and either flirt or make fun of them the whole night. In this case, it was my friend (who happens to be sitting beside me) who they flirted with the whole night.

puerto galera philippines
puerto galera philippines
puerto galera philippines

Day Two at Puerto Galera, Philippines (Breakfast)

puerto galera philippines
Breakfast by the Sea

Upon arriving you’ll meet locals who offer ‘tour packages’ that include a variety of watersports. We chose the banana boat ride. And it was… an AMAZING experience! Both parties agreed to meet the next day as we arrived late yesterday. The Banana Boat is an inflatable raft  in shape of a banana designed to give you a wet and wild ride as you zip across the ocean and bounce over the waves (pulled by speed boat). The cost was around P200/person and it can accommodate 10 individuals. The person in charge of the boat knocked us off 4 TIMES (he offered to do it only twice but we’re too persistent). 

puerto galera philippines
Jumpshot and behind is the banana boat
puerto galera philippines
We are ready!
puerto galera philippines
puerto galera philippines
Kuya Bankero was so determined to knock us off the banana boat
puerto galera philippines
More! We want more!
puerto galera philippines
Group shot at the seashore

Expenses at Puerto Galera, Philippines

7000 php (2d1N) – Hotel/Accomodation with breakfast (White Beach Resort)
300 php – Food (from the market for dinner)
299 php – Mineral water (gallon)
2000 php – Booze (tower, beer, picka)
7799 php /8 person
= 974. 88 php

170 php – Bus (Going to Batangas Pier from Manila)
170 php – Bus (Going back to Manila)
500 php – Ferry (round trip)
150 php (estimated) – Foodtrip sa Galera
50 php – Environtmental fee
10 php – Terminal fee
200 php – Banana boat
100 php – henna tattoo
1350 php

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  1. The more I read such beautiful blog posts, the more inspired I am to give myself a well-deserved vacation this year. The philippines will certainly be on my bucket list.

  2. I’m miss going beaches unfortunately I skipped vacation this year because of the pandemic I will definitely visit Puerto galera soon. Awesome photos!

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