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Travel Guide: HEP Five Ferris Wheel in Osaka, Japan


Located at the 8th floor of the HEP Five Mall in Umeda, this Ferris wheel is a 15-minute ride where you can enjoy the Panoramic view of Osaka City. Inside the gondolas, they have speakers to plug in your mobile and listen to some music while you ride. One of the many perks of getting an Osaka Amazing Pass is you get to ride for FREE instead of paying ¥600.

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A Muggle’s Guide to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Japan


I spent the whole day being a kid at the Universal Studios Japan last July 26, 2018 and I could say it’s the most magical birthday ever! Wandering around Hogsmeade and with Butterbeer flavored drink and a wand is every Harry Potter fans dream come true.

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Kawaii Monster Cafe in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan


Located in Harajuku, reknowned for colorful street art and youth fashion, with quirky vintage clothing stores and cosplay shops along Takeshita Street; Kawaii Monster Cafe offers unique and one-of-a-kind dining and entertainment experience. From the “Monster Girl” wait staff to an out-of-this-world menu, its creative weirdness will captivate anyone who dares to enter.

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Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan


Japan isn’t just about temples, sakura or sushi & ramen. Located in Kabukicho, known as a hotbed of “adult” fun, there are a few wholesome activities & places to explore and one of them is Robot Restaurant – where they serve high-tech laser lights, sparkling dancers, and bright robots for your entertainment.

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20 Useful Japanese Phrases for Travelers


Many people visit Japan and don’t speak or understand the Japanese language. If you find yourself wandering around the city and you feel like you have no way to ask directions, you don’t have to be afraid. From public transportation to tourist sites, there will be signs in English. If you approach the Information Booths, most of the people there are good at speaking English.

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