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6 Steps on How To Ease Back Into Working Out


We’ve all failed to keep up our exercise routines at some point. Weeks without training, consecutive days of binging especially during the holidays, terrified to step on the scale – it happens to most of us, and it’s always hard to get started again. Here are 6 things to remember as you kick-start that fitness grind.

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National Girlfriends’ Day: Celebrating Lifelong Friendships

gf003Me and the squad at Bonsai Island in Cagbalete, Mauban, Quezon

National Girlfriends’ Day is fast approaching! What would life be like without girlfriends? Whether you have a girlfriend in the romantic sense or just a gang of gal pals, this August 1, 2015, take a moment to look back and appreciate these wonderful relationships built from gratitude, respect, and trust.

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