Reasons Why You Should Join Fun Runs


From the aesthetic benefits to the mental perks, there’s a slew of benefits specific to running that together make a pretty strong case for anyone to consider becoming a runner. Here are the 4 reasons why you should join fun runs.

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Antigravity Yoga: A Fun Way of Working Out



Imagine Cirque du Soleil, Pink in her 2010 Grammy performance, and the beautiful women swinging from the ceiling in The Great Gatsy. Antigravity Yoga is not just anartistic expression but also a type of exercise that produces amazing fitness results while having a lot of fun.

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National Girlfriends’ Day: Celebrating Lifelong Friendships

gf003Me and the squad at Bonsai Island in Cagbalete, Mauban, Quezon

National Girlfriends’ Day is fast approaching! What would life be like without girlfriends? Whether you have a girlfriend in the romantic sense or just a gang of gal pals, this August 1, 2015, take a moment to look back and appreciate these wonderful relationships built from gratitude, respect, and trust.

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