Casa Reyes Bistro Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan City

When I swing by Casa Reyes Bistro Filipino in Greenhills, you bet I’m getting my hands on two must-haves: Dinuguan and Chicken BBQ. They’re my go-to’s every time! This spot’s menu is like a culinary tour of the Philippines, offering up all sorts of tasty treats. Sure, not every dish is gonna blow your mind, but let me tell you, the service totally makes up for it. It’s the kind of place where even if your meal isn’t a home run, you’ll still leave with a smile thanks to the awesome folks taking care of you.

Casa Reyes has this awesome vibe that’s totally Filipino-inspired, like you’re hanging out in your grandma’s house but with a funky twist. Picture antique furniture, old magazine cutouts, and posters all over the place – it’s like a blast from the past.

Before the whole pandemic mess, this restaurant was always packed, especially at lunchtime. You practically had to elbow your way to a seat! But when I popped in recently, it was still bustling, though I did spot a few empty chairs scattered around. No biggie, though – plenty of folks were still kicking it. Casa Reyes definitely keeps that lively atmosphere alive, even with a few gaps in the crowd. So if you’re up for a taste of nostalgia and some good company, this spot’s got your back.

So, I’ve been lucky enough to chow down on a bunch of dishes at Casa Reyes, and let me tell ya, some of them really hit the spot and became my go-to faves. But hey, not every dish was a home run for me – there were a couple that just didn’t quite tickle my taste buds the same way. It’s all good though, ’cause variety is the spice of life, right? At Casa Reyes, there’s something for everyone, whether you’re all about those tried-and-true classics or you’re up for a culinary adventure. So don’t sweat it if not every dish is your jam – just keep exploring and you’ll find your flavor groove!

Casa Reyes, Greenhills

Crispy Dinuguan (405 PHP)

Casa Reyes Bistro, Greenhills

Chicken Barbecue, 3 pcs (335 PHP)

  • Crispy Dinuguan: This dish features dinuguan, a Filipino savory stew made with pig’s blood, vinegar, and various spices, served with a twist – it’s prepared in a crispy style, adding a crunchy texture to the traditional flavors.
  • Chicken Barbecue: Casa Reyes offers a classic chicken barbecue dish, featuring tender, marinated chicken skewers grilled to perfection. It’s a popular choice among patrons seeking a flavorful and satisfying meal.
Casa Reyes Bistro, Greenhills
  • Truffle Pasta with Kesong Puti & Bacon Bits: For those craving pasta with a Filipino twist, this dish combines creamy truffle-infused pasta with kesong puti (native white cheese) and crispy bacon bits, offering a blend of rich flavors and textures.

I gotta give a huge shoutout to Casa Reyes, especially to our waiter, Kuya Allan – that dude seriously rocked! He went the extra mile to make sure our time there was top-notch and super enjoyable. Big thanks to him for making our visit extra special!

It was as usual a pleasant visit. I would recommend Casa Reyes Bistro Filipino to anyone who wishes to try Filipino food.

restaurant details

Classic and Modern Filipino food
ADDRESS: G/F Connecticut Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center, Connecticut 1502, Greenhills, 1502 Metro Manila, Philippines
HOURS: 10:00 AM – 08:00 PM (Monday – Sunday)
CONTACT NO.: +639772827312
FB PAGE: Casa Reyes FB Page
MODE OF PAYMENT: Cash, Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard), Gcash
LANGUAGE: Filipino, English
SERVICE: Dine-in (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Late Night), Take-Away
BUDGET: 500 PHP – 2,000 PHP (for two)
OTHERS: Take-Away, Street Parking

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