20 Random Facts About Polly + 2 Million Page Views – A GoldenIslandSenorita.Net Milestone

GoldenIslandSenorita.Net celebrated its third year on the internet in May 2021, and it recently passed the 2 million views milestone. I thought I’d “formally” introduce myself (the blogger) and hope to get to know you guys as well. Without further ado, here are 20 random facts about Polly. Why am I addressing myself in third person?

Nickname: Polly
Occupation: General Manger, recently finished an online business program.
Educational Background: Graduated with a Master’s degree in Nursing. A registered nurse in the Philippines and USA.

  • During my travels, I consistently prioritize indulging in the local cuisine, exploring both well-known dishes and lesser-known delicacies, which I affectionately refer to as my “foodventures.”
  • I always wear a ring on my left ring finger when traveling alone.
  • I always keep a few small bills in my wallet, but the most of them are stashed somewhere else.
  • Let me spill the tea about my escapade in Guangzhou, China way back in 2010. Prepare for a juicy story because, honey, I fell straight into the clutches of a scam. Picture this: I’m chilling at this budget hotel (the name escapes me, darling) when, just two days before check-out, chaos ensues. I march over to the front desk, demanding an explanation. Lo and behold, an English-speaking staff member drops the bombshell: my reservation supposedly only covered a measly 5-day stay. Thank the travel gods I had my itinerary and receipt to prove them wrong. But wait, it doesn’t end there! Despite sorting out the mess, they had the audacity to ask for a 100 CNY ‘down payment’ as a refundable fee. Well, well, well, departure day finally arrives, and I retrieve my precious refund. The hotel even goes the extra mile and arranges a cab for my airport adventure. Now, this is where it gets spicy. When I whip out the exact bill they gave me, Mr. Cab Driver has the nerve to claim it’s counterfeit! I put on my persuasive charms, urging him to take the change, but he remains stubborn as a mule. With time ticking, I rummage through my wallet, scrounging up some legit CNY bills to settle the fare. And guess what? Both the airport money changer and the duty-free shop confirm that, yep, it was indeed a fake bill. Lesson learned, my darlings: keep your wits about you and be a savvy traveler, especially when venturing into the unknown.
  • Since obtaining my PADI Open Water certification in 2016, I have had limited opportunities to engage in scuba diving due to my busy schedule.
  • As someone with a few visible tattoos, I had a disappointing experience in Japan where I was denied entry to an onsen (hot spring) due to my ink, which discouraged me from attempting it again.
  • My first trip to Tokyo in 2015 was the most memorable, owing to a plethora of epic fail experiences. Just to mention a few…
    • For over two hours, I was stuck at Shinjuku Station, Japan’s busiest railway station. The station has too many exits, and it was packed at the time.
    • For two days, I forgot my luggage combination. I’m glad I brought additional clothing in my carry-on.
    • I missed my flight home.
Polly Amora visited destinations
  • I grew up listening to 70’s & 80’s classic rock music and 90’s alternatives.
  • In high school, I was in a band and played the drums. I began teaching drum lessons in 2015 and ended in 2020 no thanks to the pandemic.
  • The Great Gig In The Sky by Pink Floyd and Stellar by Incubus are my ultimate feel good songs.
  • Back in the day, I had a knack for talking up a storm, and I mean, full-on hurricane-level chatter. My gift of gab was so extraordinary that people would resort to desperate measures, offering me stacks of cash or tempting bribes, just to savor a moment of blissful silence. Oh, the lengths they went to in hopes of catching a break from my verbal whirlwind. But hey, can you blame them? When you’ve got a silver tongue like mine, silence becomes a precious commodity.
  • In regards to the previous statement, I had a stint as a writer for some pretty cool publications. Picture this: Her Campus (2011), Global Young Executives (2013), and District Magazine (2013) were lucky enough to have my words grace their pages. Oh, and let’s not forget the: Listverse (2010) and Buzzfeed (2012), where I flaunted my talent as a witty contributor. But hey, here’s the catch: I did it all incognito, under a mysterious pen name. Intrigued? Well, if you’re up for a challenge, go ahead and find me!
  • When it comes to communication, I’m all about making a statement. Texting? Meh, it’s just not my thing. I prefer to let my voice do the talking because honey, I can chat on the phone for hours on end. Seriously, I’ve set the bar high with a jaw-dropping 19-hour marathon call. So, if you think you can top that, bring it on! Let’s see if you have what it takes to keep up with my phone prowess.
  • I speak 5 languages (and 3 Philippine dialects): Filipino (Native Tongue), English, French, Russian, and sarcasm.
  • I have had an unhealthy crush on Johnny Depp since Sleepy Hollow (1999). Yup.
  • My personality type is ENTJ-A. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t easily lose my temper.
  • I consider myself a Francophile.
  • “One of the boys”
  • I can be very opinionated, self-righteous, and hypocritical. I’m working on it.
  • I have an amazingly good intuition, and I’m always right when I trust it.
  • Whenever people tell me that I look familiar, I tell them I do adult films.

GoldenIslandSenorita.Net reached its 2 Million views after being published in 2018. I’m beyond ecstatic upon seeing the stats. Thank you very much for the support!

2 million views statistics 001a 20 Random Facts About Polly + 2 Million Page Views - A GoldenIslandSenorita.Net Milestone Golden Island Señorita
I didn’t set up Google Analytics until August 2019.

Now it’s your turn! What’s your most memorable travel experience and what place is top of your bucket list? I’d like to know by commenting below.

Polly Amora

Polly Amora is the señorita behind GoldenIslandSenorita.Net. A corporate warrior by day, and a perpetual explorer by heart. She is a lifelong learner who is very outgoing, speaks four languages, loud & outspoken, and loves to have adventures in the mountains, on the beach, and in the city. You can throw her anywhere, and she'll handle it like a pro. Ice cream and bourbon are two of her weaknesses.


  1. Hi Paula/Polly, nice to meet and know you more with these random facts about you..more more more!

  2. So nice to meet you. I love that you speak sarcasm. Me too. 🙂

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