French for Beginners: The French language is the most romantic and refined language in my opinion. Even if you’re criticizing someone, the way they pronounce the words makes it seem wonderful like you’re whispering some sweet nothings. Aside from that, it’s a language for poets and authors, as well as wine and food lovers. It is a language that is used by world leaders in business, politics, and social justice. It is adopted by scholars, teachers, and students all around the world. Furthermore, it is one of the most beautiful and melodic languages the world has ever known.

My interest began when my parents enrolled me in a French-speaking international school in Davao City, Philippines. We were taught basic phrases such as Bonjour, Bon soir, and Au revoir! And some more complex words, such as Quel temps fait-il? (How is the weather?). And, to supplement it, I enrolled in (and finished) a language-tutorial program in 2014. I never stopped learning; I still use Duolingo, see French movies, and listen to French music.

I was extremely pleased that I was able to communicate with a few French people I met on my trip to France in 2019. Nothing beats conversing with locals. It was also a snap to order meals and ask for directions! Ticked off the #bucketlist!

I’d like to share some popular French phrases with you that you might find useful. Enjoy!

French for Beginners: Common Expressions and Greetings

Hello/Good day!Bonjour!bohN-zhoohr!
Good evening!Bon soir!bohN-swahr!
Good-bye!Au revoir!ohr-vwahr!
 Please.S’il vous plaît.seel vooh pleh.
You’re welcome.Je vous en prie./De rien.zhuh vooh-zahN pree./duh ryahN.
Thank you. Merci.mehr-see.
Excuse me.Pardon./Excusez-moi.pahr-dohN./eks-kew-zey-mwah.
My name is . . . .Je m’appelle. . . .zhuh mah-pehl. . . .
Pleased to meet you.Enchanté./Enchantée.ahN-shahN-tey.

French for Beginners: Useful Questions in French

Do you speak English?Est-ce que vous parlez anglais?ehs-kuh vooh pahr-ley ahN-gleh?
How are you?Comment allez-vous?koh-mahN-tah-ley-vooh?
Would you help me please?Pourriez-vous m’aider?pooh-ree-ey vooh mey-dey ?
What’s your name?Comment vous appelez-vous?koh-mahN vooh-zah-pley-vooh?
What time is it?Quelle heure est-il ?kehl uhr eh-teel?
What’s the weather like?Quel temps fait-il?kehl tahN feh-teel?
How much does . . . cost?Combien coûte…?kohN-byaN kooht. . . ?
Where can I find . . .?Où est-ce que je peux trouver. . .?ooh ehs-kuh zhuh puh trooh-vey….?
Where are the bathrooms?Où sont les toilettes?ooh sohN ley twah-leht?
Do you have. . . ?Avez-vous…?ah-vey vooh. . . ?
Where is. . . ?Où est…?ooh eh…?
Could you please speak more slowly?Pourriez-vous parler plus lentement, s’il vous plaît?pooh-ree-ey-vooh pahr-ley plew lahNt-mahN, seel vooh pleh?
Could you repeat that, please?Pourriez-vous répéter, s’il vous plaît?pooh-ree-ey-vooh rey-pey-tey, seel vooh pleh?

French for Beginners: Days of the Week in French


French for Beginners: Months of the Year in French


French for Beginners: When ordering in French Restaurants

The menu, please.Le menu, s’il vous plaît.luh muh-new, seel vooh pleh.
I’d like. . . .Je voudrais. . . .zhuh vooh-dreh. . . .
What do you recommend/suggest?Qu’est-ce que vous recommandez/suggérez?kehs-kuh vooh ruh-kohh-mahN-dey/sooh-zhey-rey?
Another (beer) please.Encore (une bière), s’il vous plaît.ahN-kohr (ewn byehr), seel vooh pleh.
The check, please.L’addition, s’il vous plaît.lah-dee-syohN, seel vooh pleh.
A receipt, please.Un reçu, s’il vous plaît.uhN ruh-sew, seel vooh pleh.
Enjoy your meal.Bon appétit!bohN-nah-pey-tee!

So there, I hope you find the lists helpful.  Until then, bonne journée!

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French for Beginners


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