Thank you, 2021 !

Despite the setbacks and challenges caused by the pandemic, I’m grateful for what 2021 brought and the lessons it taught me.


  • I’ve made some wise decisions.
  • I started learning Italian with my boyfriend (who speaks it fluently).
  • I made new friends.
  • I’ve only ever drunk alcohol in triumph, never in sadness.
  • Started Forex trading.
  • I’m not sure if it counts as “personal growth,” but I finally mustered the courage to get a “visible” tattoo. Making a total of five.
the bossink barbers pasig city 001 Thank you, 2021!
Serotonin tattoo by The Bossink Tattoo Studio in Pasig, City


  • Quit smoking, March 2021
  • Fully-vaccinated, July 2021
  • Survived COVID-19, August 2021
  • I slept for over 32 hours (not drug-induced). I’m still an insomniac though.


  • New clients.
  • Despite the pandemic, there are new transactions from current clients.
  • Landed 2 new side hustles.
Thank you, 2021
Sent this Photo to Let my Mom know I’m back in the Metro | Post-Client Meeting Photo 2021


  • I easily renewed both my Philippine and California nursing licenses.
  • After a series of grueling examinations and interviews, I was accepted to Stanford Business School’s online program.
  • Finished 4 Online Programs:
    1. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Infrastructure at Duke University via Coursera
    2. Entrepreneurial Finance: Strategy and Innovation at Duke University via Coursera
    3. Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning in Finance at New York University via Coursera
    4. International Business Essentials at University of London via Coursera


  • My blog has already had over 2 million views.
  • Made a few affiliate partners with international companies including Japan Rail Pass, NORD VPN, and Agoda.


  • I visited a few local destinations and ticked my 40th Philippines Province off the list of 81 provinces – Masbate, Philippines.
  • I didn’t get to travel internationally this year, but I did get another Schengen visa that’s valid until September 2022.


  • I’ve dated a few men and women, but I’ve never met anyone who would go out of their way to make me genuine happy (with no ulterior motive – so far). We celebrated our first anniversary last February 2021.
christmas gift grayson Thank you, 2021!
Christmas Gifts from Grayson: Nike bag, Nike shoes, perfume, Zara Windbreaker jacket, his old pullovers

What are the things that you are thankful for last year? What are the lessons that you have learned? I’d love to know by commenting below.

Polly Amora

Polly Amora is the señorita behind GoldenIslandSenorita.Net. A corporate warrior by day, and a perpetual explorer by heart. She is a lifelong learner who is very outgoing, speaks four languages, loud & outspoken, and loves to have adventures in the mountains, on the beach, and in the city. You can throw her anywhere, and she'll handle it like a pro. Ice cream and bourbon are two of her weaknesses.


  1. So happy to read your accomplishments in 2021, in a day where there’s so much negativity. CONGRATS!

  2. Those are some awesome achievements and I loved the way you have presented it.

  3. Your 2021 was really good. I wish you have wonderful 2022 and I loved your ta too.

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