Side Hustles To Help Boost Your Travel Fund

16 Side Hustles to Help Boost Your Travel Fund

Traveling is meant to be enjoyable and relaxing, but it’s difficult to unwind when you’re always worried about how you’re going to pay for it all. Whether it’s a road trip or a journey across the globe. Even when we have day jobs, it can be difficult to make ends meet with only one source of income.

Side hustles are an excellent way to spend your free time with productive work that you (hopefully) enjoy.  Not only does a it provide an injection of extra cash flow to your bank account, it can also help to boost overall life satisfaction.

Other benefits of side hustles include:

  • Gives you the freedom to decide how much you want to work and earn
  • Does not require a large financial investment upfront
  • Most of it don’t require formal education or a specialized skill in order to be profitable

Below are the side hustles that I’ve tried and have proven to work.

Use Your Skills & Talent

Be a Music Instructor

Do you know how to play a musical instrument?  You can start a side hustle by teaching music. I know how to play the drums and had a lot of free time about three years ago, so I took advantage of it. Online, check for music studios and ask if they’re looking for instructors. Most studios have Facebook business pages, but you may also try going around your neighborhood to find one. I was earning ₱650 ($12.41) every session and had three students per day on average.

Be a Local Tour Guide

If you live in a tourist-friendly area, you may either start your own guided tour or work as a tour guide for an already established tour company. The best tour guides are those who have spent a significant amount of time in the area and are well-versed in its history. I charge per person and per hour, and my day earnings were ₱3,849 ($73.47).

Be an Extra in the Movies or TV

You are not required to audition for parts; you are recruited solely based on your looks and, in some cases, experience. A Soap Opera was filming at our school at the time, and a Talent Scout approached me and offered me the job. My first gig as an extra was to walk in the background a few times for ₱500 ($9.54). If you are lucky enough to be given a script, you can earn at least ₱1,000 ($19.09).

Be a Tutor

Tutoring is a fantastic way to earn money while also honing your teaching skills. You will have the option of working with individual students or small groups as a tutor, allowing you to tailor your sessions to your students’ pace, interests, and learning style. I used to teach elementary school students and earn ₱1,000 ($19.09) each hour.

Be a Club DJ

I’ve only had this gig three times, but it was a lot of fun (and I got a good hella cash… and booze). You are not normally required to bring the equipment because the club already has it. All you need to do is show up and entertain the audience. The club DJ’s objective is to keep the dance floor packed with patrons, while clearing it periodically so that bar sales will increase. How much is it? Nightly rates range from ₱2,500 – ₱3,000 ($48.11 – $57.73).

Be a Baker

Baking is enjoyable, but it is also challenging. Creating a cake requires the creativity of an artist, the precision of a chemist and the cool head of a polar bear.  I was about twenty-four years old when our city offered free baking lessons, so I enrolled. I was able to start a business using my newly acquired skill (but it was only short time). The majority of what I supplied were cupcakes, both standard and customized. The tough part was figuring out how to price them correctly. My basic standard-sized cupcake costs ₱100 ($1.91), and my minimum purchase is 50 pieces.

Make Money Online

Answer Surveys

You can make money by offering brands your opinion for their consumer research. Maybe not a lot of money, but it can add up. 

  • Survey Junkie – Popular online survey site with more than 3 million members.
  • Swagbucks (free $5 bonus; earn up to $35 a survey)
  • Prize Rebel – Earn $10-12 an hour doing surveys or completing other tasks. Just avoid the low-paying ones.
  • Opinion Outpost – Cash out at just $5 via PayPal or Amazon gift cards. Each survey enters you into a $10,000 quarterly drawing.
  • CashCrate – Get a $1 bonus just for signing up!

Search Engine Evaluation

Projects usually involve examining and analyzing advertising content, images, and text and then reporting in writing on specific aspects of the ads. If you’re interested in trying this you may check out KarmaHub, Lionbridge, Appen and iSoftStone. The pay is pretty good, generally more than $13 per hour.

Freelance Writing

It is a form of project-based writing for someone else as a self-employed individual. You do it as non-employee of a person who hired you because you work to deliver the written text you agreed upon. The pay depends on the project and your expertise. You may check out Upwork, Fiverr and WritersLabs for freelance writing jobs.

Affiliate Marketing

It is the process of earning commissions for marketing another person’s or company’s products. How does it work? If your readers/traffic buys anything by clicking your affiliate link, you will get a commission. This commission varies from $1 to $10,000 depending on what product you are promoting. The companies that I’ve worked with in my previous blogs were ShareASale, Commission Junction, Awin, and Amazon Affiliate Program.

Teach Language Online

Looking for a flexible lifestyle that allows you to build your own classes and help students in making quick progress? Fill out an application to teach a language online. All you need is a webcam, a noise-cancelling headphone, and access to high-speed internet. Though it is an in-demand job yet the competition is stiff, and acceptance is not guaranteed. Companies such as DaDa pay up to $15-25 per hour based on their TPR (Total Physical Response) performance during their interview. So make sure you plan ahead of time and practice so you can ace it.

Create an Online Course

Udemy is a terrific online education platform that allows students to interact with teachers from all over the world in any subject. You may create your own course based on a topic in which you are an expert, and you can establish your own tuition rate. I teach Stock Market for Beginners on Udemy and earn $16.99 each student. Not bad, right?

Sell Stuff Online

Sell Custom Designed T-Shirts

Have you ever seen a funny slogan or an inspirational quote and thought to yourself, “I wish I had a T-shirt that says that!” I think the majority of us did. As a hobby, I used to design and sell T-shirts, so I created an online shop called “Strip Tees” at Multiply.Com (the website shut down in 2013). Starting off might be costly, but it is well worth every penny. Nowadays, you may market your goods on a variety of websites, like TeeSpring and SellMyTees (bronze plan). Alternatively, you may sell them on Facebook Marketplace.

Sell Your Second Hand Items

Do you have any used items in good condition? It might be gadgets, cell phones, toys, furniture, books, purses, and so on. Don’t know what to do with them? Why not sell them online? It doesn’t require a large investment to begin with, and you can probably find what you need at home while also decluttering your space. You may place classified listings on Craigslist or eBay.

Sell Your Art and Craft

Do you have a knack for making handcrafted gifts or home decor? Consider starting an online shop on Etsy, where you may make good money from your hobby. Zazzle is another fantastic website. It is a custom-manufacturing company that creates one-of-a-kind products using artwork and personal materials provided by the client. So, keep your creative juices going and start making money.

Sell Your Photographs

Shutterstock can literally make you rich if you’re good at photography, video editing, and publishing. How does it work? You’ll earn money every time a customer downloads your photo. The amount you earn is determined by the subscription used for each download. By introducing more clients, you can also earn a 20% commission.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to side hustles: 1. It should not conflict with your day job, 2. It should be profitable, and 3. You enjoy it . Every side hustle has the ability to teach you something new. It’s simply a matter of choosing one that fits your goals, schedule, and preferences. I hope these tips help you find a new gig that will allow you to save for that long-awaited trip. You’ve got it!


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