Ramen Yushoken at Capitol Commons, Pasig City: A Comprehensive Review

Have you checked out Ramen Yushoken in Capitol Commons, Pasig City? It’s like this food haven that’s totally rocking the Japanese ramen scene. Seriously, it’s not just a restaurant; it’s like the Jedi Master of ramen places.

Imagine this: you stroll into Ramen Yushoken, and it’s like entering the ultimate ramen universe. The vibes are top-notch, and it’s like a siren call for anyone who loves good food. If you’re into Japanese ramen, this place is where the magic happens.

So, if you’re up for a flavor adventure and want to dive deep into the world of ramen, Ramen Yushoken is the spot to be. Trust me; it’s like a culinary journey that’ll make your taste buds do a happy dance!

ramen yushoken ortigas 004 Ramen Yushoken at Capitol Commons, Pasig City: A Comprehensive Review Capitol Commons, Ramen Yushoken
ramen yushoken ortigas 005 Ramen Yushoken at Capitol Commons, Pasig City: A Comprehensive Review Capitol Commons, Ramen Yushoken

When you step into Ramen Yushoken, it’s like walking into a perfect blend of modern vibes and traditional Japanese coolness. The place is decked out with warm wooden touches, giving off those cozy, come-hang-out vibes. And get this – you can actually see the chefs doing their thing in the open kitchen, making the whole dining gig interactive and kinda awesome.

They’ve nailed the whole mood with this cool dim lighting that just screams intimate hangout spot. Whether you’re keeping it casual with your crew or having a more low-key date night, this place has got the vibe. And can we talk about the decor? From the tables to the artsy stuff on the walls, it’s like Ramen Yushoken is on a mission to make your dining experience the coolest thing ever. It’s not just about the food; it’s the whole vibe they’re serving up.

Let’s talk about the real MVP at Ramen Yushoken – the ramen, obviously. They’ve got this menu that’s like a love letter to Japanese flavors. I’m talking about everything from the hearty Tonkotsu Ramen to the lighter Shio Ramen. No matter what you’re into, they’ve got a flavor profile that’ll hit the spot.

But here’s the kicker – these guys are serious about quality. The noodles? Yep, they make those from scratch right in-house. It’s like they’re on a mission to keep things fresh and legit. And don’t even get me started on the broth; it’s like they’ve got a magical potion simmering in there, creating this crazy depth of flavor that’s basically comfort in a bowl.

And guess what? It’s not just about the ramen. The menu’s got a bunch of other goodies too – appetizers, sides, and even rice bowls. You can go for some gyoza, karaage, or dive into these legit Japanese bites to amp up your ramen experience. And if you’re feeling extra hungry, those Donburi rice bowls are the real deal – hearty and downright delightful. So, yeah, Ramen Yushoken isn’t just a ramen joint; it’s a whole flavor experience.

Here are my favorites:

Ramen Yushoken at Capitol Commons, Pasig City: A Comprehensive Review
Tantan-Men (400 PHP)

The Tantanmen at Ramen Yushoken is a triumph in balancing bold flavors. The robust and fiery broth, infused with sesame and ground pork, creates a symphony of spice that dances on the palate. The handmade noodles, with their perfect al dente texture, provide a satisfying foundation to the dish. Topped with bok choy, green onions, and a seasoned soft-boiled egg, the Tantanmen is a spicy indulgence that doesn’t compromise on complexity.

Ramen Yushoken at Capitol Commons, Pasig City: A Comprehensive Review
Green Curry Tantanmen – – Not on the menu

In a stroke of culinary innovation, Ramen Yushoken presents the Green Curry Tantanmen. This fusion masterpiece marries the rich, aromatic flavors of green curry with the classic Tantanmen style. The result is a bowl of ramen that tantalizes the taste buds with its creamy coconut undertones and a hint of heat. The inclusion of tender slices of pork and vibrant green vegetables elevates this dish to a delightful harmony of East Asian influences.

Ramen Yushoken at Capitol Commons, Pasig City: A Comprehensive Review
Shoyu Tonkotsu Ramen (380 PHP)

The Shoyu Tonkotsu Ramen at Ramen Yushoken is a testament to traditional ramen craftsmanship. The velvety tonkotsu broth, simmered to perfection, forms the soul of this dish. The thin noodles, made in-house, absorb the rich flavors of the broth, creating a harmonious blend of textures. Topped with chashu, wood ear mushrooms, and green onions, this bowl is a celebration of simplicity and depth, showcasing the essence of Japanese comfort food.

Ramen Yushoken at Capitol Commons, Pasig City: A Comprehensive Review
Shrimp Tonkotsu Ramen – Not on the menu

For seafood enthusiasts, the Shrimp Tonkotsu Ramen at Ramen Yushoken is a revelation. The umami-rich tonkotsu broth serves as a canvas for plump shrimp, adding a layer of sweetness to each slurp. The addition of bamboo shoots, nori, and a seasoned soft-boiled egg enhances the complexity of flavors, creating a bowl that marries the elegance of seafood with the heartiness of traditional ramen.

Ramen Yushoken at Capitol Commons, Pasig City: A Comprehensive Review
Tsukemen (460 PHP)

The Tsukemen at Ramen Yushoken offers a unique and interactive dining experience. Thick, chewy noodles are served separately from a concentrated broth, allowing diners to dip and savor each strand at their own pace. The broth, intensely flavorful and infused with bonito and soy, provides a rich and savory backdrop to the noodles. Topped with chashu, menma, and green onions, the Tsukemen is a delightful departure from traditional ramen, offering a satisfying alternative for those seeking a more hands-on approach to their meal.

Ramen Yushoken at Capitol Commons, Pasig City: A Comprehensive Review
Karaage (240 PHP)

The Chicken Karaage at Ramen Yushoken is a crispy revelation. The golden-brown exterior gives way to succulent and well-seasoned chicken that embodies the perfect balance of crunch and tenderness. Served with a side of tangy dipping sauce, each bite is a journey through textures and flavors that leaves a lasting impression. It’s a testament to the chef’s mastery of this beloved Japanese comfort food.

Ramen Yushoken at Capitol Commons, Pasig City: A Comprehensive Review
Gyoza (200 PHP)

The Gyoza at Ramen Yushoken is a dim sum delight. Delicately crafted, each dumpling boasts a thin and perfectly seared wrapper, revealing a succulent filling within. The combination of pork and vegetables is seasoned to perfection, creating a harmony of savory goodness. Paired with a dipping sauce that strikes the right balance between sweet and savory, the Gyoza is a compelling appetizer that sets the stage for the main course.

A dining experience is not only defined by the quality of the food but also by the level of service provided. Ramen Yushoken excels in this aspect, with attentive and knowledgeable staff who contribute to the overall enjoyment of the meal.

From the moment patrons are seated, they are guided through the menu with helpful recommendations and explanations of each dish. The staff is quick to address any inquiries and ensures that dietary preferences or restrictions are accommodated.

The open kitchen concept allows diners to witness the culinary expertise of the chefs, adding an element of transparency to the dining experience. The efficiency of the service, coupled with the friendly demeanor of the staff, creates an atmosphere that is both welcoming and professional.

Ramen Yushoken in Capitol Commons stands as a testament to the artistry and dedication of its culinary team. From the meticulously crafted ramen bowls to the thoughtfully curated appetizers and sides, every aspect of the menu reflects a commitment to authenticity and quality.

The ambiance of the restaurant provides a warm and inviting space for diners to savor the flavors of Japan. Whether you’re a ramen aficionado or a newcomer to Japanese cuisine, Ramen Yushoken Ortigas offers a culinary journey that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

In a city teeming with dining options, Ramen Yushoken manages to carve a niche for itself by staying true to the essence of Japanese culinary tradition while embracing innovation. For those in search of an unforgettable gastronomic experience, a visit to Ramen Yushoken is not just a meal; it’s a journey into the heart of Japanese cuisine.

restaurant details

CUISINE: Asian, Japanese
ADDRESS: Ground Floor, The Imperium at Capitol Commons, Pasig, Metro Manila
HOURS: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM (Monday – Sunday)
CONTACT NO.: +639177049225
FB PAGE: Ramen Yushoken
MODE OF PAYMENT: Cash, Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard), GCash, Paymaya
LANGUAGE: Filipino, English
SERVICE: Dine-in (Lunch, Dinner), Take-Away
BUDGET: 2,000 PHP to 2,500 PHP (good for two or three persons)
OTHERS: Take-Away, Reservations, Parking Available (limited), Wheelchair Accessible

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