When And Where is The Queen’s Funeral? A Detailed London Travel Guide To Pay Your Respects
Tributes Pour in for The Queen at Balmoral and Buckingham Palace | Source: The Royal Family Channel

Do you plan on going to London to attend the Queen’s funeral? Here’s all you need to know to organize a visit to the state capital to pay your respects.

Many people throughout the world are saddened by the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

From New Zealand to New York, people all over the globe have been paying their respects.

But London, where the Queen spent the Blitz and where she spent much of her life, will undoubtedly serve as the focal point of the commemorations.

The cabinet office recommends that visitors prepare in advance because many mourners will be heading to the city.

A spokesperson for the Royal Family said, “We recognise that many people will travel to Buckingham Palace and other Royal Residences as a mark of their respect.”

Large crowds are anticipated, which may put public safety at risk. Those who choose to go are advised to listen to and follow the instructions of stewards and law enforcement.

Important Dates and Times

If you’re going to London, you should plan your trip around the most important events. The UK is in a state of mourning until the Queen’s funeral, which is seven days from now. But the most important things will happen in the next ten days.

When and where will the Queen lay in state?

Once the Queen’s coffin gets to London, it will be taken from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall on a gun carriage. Most likely, this will happen in the next five days. Dates will be announced soon.

The Queen will then “lie in state” for five days, resting on a catafalque in the middle of Westminster Hall. The hall will be open to the public 23 hours a day. Expect long lines. In 2002, many people waited for hours to see the Queen Mother’s coffin.

To get to Westminster Hall, take an underground train to Westminster station, St. James’ Park, or Embankment. From there, you can walk to Westminster Hall in about five minutes.

When is the Queen’s funeral? Can you go?

The funeral date hasn’t been set yet, but it will likely happen in 10 days. Monday, September 19 is rumored to be a possible date.

The day will be observed as an official bank holiday, it has been announced.

Where will the funeral for the Queen be held?

Westminster Abbey will host the funeral service. The Queen wed Prince Philip there in 1947 and was crowned there in 1953. It is a large church adjacent to Westminster tube station. At roughly 11 a.m., the funeral should begin. The UK will hold a two-minute silence at midday.

There will be a short procession between Westminster Hall and Westminster Abbey prior to the ceremony. Only 2,000 dignitaries and notables will be invited; the ceremony itself will be private. However, all of the main TV stations will broadcast the event. The funeral for Princess Diana in 1997 continues to be the most-watched live television event ever.

Can I attend the procession during the Queen’s funeral?

The Queen’s coffin will travel to Wellington Arch at London’s Hyde Park Corner following the one-hour funeral service at Westminster Abbey.

Members of the royal family and hundreds of soldiers will participate in the enormous ceremonial procession. Go to the Mall, the broad boulevard that extends all the way up to Buckingham Palace, to be among the crowd. Hyde Park Corner, Charing Cross, St. James’ Park, and Green Park are the closest tube.

You should arrive very early if you want to grab a good spot, such one close to the railings, as it is likely to grow crowded early. People have camped out overnight to get the best spots for prior royal processions or gathered as early as first light.

Has London canceled any major events, such as concerts?

If you are going to London for a different event, make sure you check before you leave because it could have been cancelled.

The Royal Albert Hall announced that the BBC Proms’ last two evenings, scheduled for Friday, September 9 and Saturday, September 10, will no longer take place. There have also been a number of postponed football games and community events.

Where can you go to offer your respects in London?

The grounds of Buckingham Palace are already covered with flowers. Every 12 hours, floral tributes will be taken down and put in the “tribute area” in the adjacent Green Park. The general public is also welcome to place flowers at these locations.

People, especially those who cannot make it to London, may also leave tributes to the Queen in the “Book of Condolence” that has been posted to the Royal Family website.

How to commute to London for the funeral of the Queen

Trains are an excellent alternative if you’re coming into London from another part of the UK. The National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) has canceled a rail strike that was scheduled to take place on September 15 and 17 as a mark of “respect.”

Are the trains and tubes in London operating normally?

Following the Queen’s passing, the UK government anticipates service disruptions in some areas. Road closures and diversions, which will shortly be announced, may restrict access to several places in central London.

Your best bet, though, will probably be the tube, buses, and trains..

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