PICO DE LORO: Everything You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (Day Hike Guide + Useful Tips)

Ternate, Cavite and Nasugbu, Batangas
Jump-off point: DENR Station, Magnetic Hill, Ternate, Cavite

8.7 km

Elevation gain
664 m

Route type
Point to point

Mt. Pico de Loro is a popular destination for mountaineers, both by experts and newbies because of its lush green forest and challenging rock climbs to the top of it’s monolith a.k.a. ‘Parrot’s Beak’. It is part of the small mountain range known as Mt. Palay-Palay, aptly located in Ternate, Cavite and the boundaries of Nasugbu, Batangas.

It is considered the highest mountain of the province of Cavite with an elevation of 664 meters above sea level (MASL), and a difficulty level of 3/9 which makes it an easy climb (since you may reach the camp site in 3-4 hours depending on your pace). Once you reach the top, you’ll have a 360-degree view of Manila Bay, Corregidor, far mountains of Nasugbu, the Limbones Cove and the rest of the West Philippine Sea.

 📣 Be sure to pack light and pack smart!

We Took The New Trail of Mt. Pico de Loro

The new trail is forest-covered and at the end part of the trail is an open grass field. It will the start of a continuous ascent that lasts up to more than two hours of trekking to reach the summit depends on your pacing. There were times were I had to catch my breath because of the incline during the ascend and there were also times were I had to look up at the sky, call the on the Divine, because the trail was so intense, especially the climb going to the summit. Take good shoes for this one though as some parts are steep and with just dirt and rocks, it can be slippery.

PICO DE LORO: Everything You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (Day Hike Guide + Useful Tips)
PICO DE LORO: Everything You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (Day Hike Guide + Useful Tips)
PICO DE LORO: Everything You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (Day Hike Guide + Useful Tips)

You may want to spend few time at the base camp to take pictures as good view is already visible. Going summit, we have to be careful as we may easily slide down due to small stones. From the peak of Mt Pico, we could see the seaside along Ternate, the roads to Nasugbu, the mountains nearby and of course the famous Monolith.

PICO DE LORO: Everything You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (Day Hike Guide + Useful Tips)
Spectacular view from one of the summits
PICO DE LORO: Everything You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (Day Hike Guide + Useful Tips)
Salute from one of the summits

If you opt to climb the Monolith, you will face additional challenges because you will be using a rope to do so. I didn’t since there was already a lengthy line and we intended to try the traverse to Nasugbu, Batangas.

🚙 How To Get To Mt. Pico de Loro in Maragondon, Cavite


  • You can reach the park from Coastal Mall Terminal via bus bound to Ternate, Cavite. Just tell the driver you are going to Mt. Pico de Loro. The bus fare costs 80 PHP. From the bus stop, you can take the tricycle (225 PHP for 3 persons) to the DENR Office where you are required to register and pay some fees. Here, You can also deposit some bags if you want to make your hike easier. Just do not leave your valuables because there is really no one assigned to look after your things. You can just rely on the honesty of the hikers.

📑 Sample Itinerary for Mt. Pico de Loro in Ternate, Cavite

0400 Assembly Time at Coastal Mall
0500 ETD to Ternate, Cavite
0630 ETA at Ternate, Cavite – DENR/Register/Breakfast
0700 Start trek
0830 ETA campsite/picture picture
0900 Summit assault
0915 ETA summit of Pico de Loro
0930 Monolith (optional)
1000 Start Descent
1030 Campsite/Lunch
1200 ETA DENR/Wash up
1300 ETD to Manila
1500 ETA Manila

💸 Budget & Expenses

  • DLTB Co Bus from Buendia to Batangas Grand Terminal – 160 PHP/ 125 PHP (student)
  • Jeep from Grand Terminal to Mabini – 35 PHP
  • Tricycle to Brgy Outpost (registration area) – 40 PHP per person
  • Registration Free – 35 PHP
  • Guide (optional) – 400 PHP per group
  • Jeep from Mabini to Grand Terminal – 35 PHP
  • Bus from Grand Terminal to Buendia – 160 PHP per person

🎒 What to Bring

  • First Aid Kit
  • 2L Drinking Water
  • Trail Food
  • Packed lunch
  • Toiletries
  • Change of clothes
  • Slippers
  • Garbage bag

📣 Tips and Reminders

  • Check the weather before you go hiking.
  • Bring extra drinking water.
  • Plan your itinerary well.
  • Pack light and only bring one hand carry bag.
  • Practice the Leave No Trace principle.
  • Restrooms are at the jump off point. 
  • Sari-sari stores are at the jump off point.
leave no trace

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  1. I actually want to explore more. Can I join you sometime? I have a lot of free days during summer.

  2. This is part of my bucket list for a long time! I think I really should visit this mountain soon! Thanks for sharing this article! Very informative ❤️

  3. I’m from Cavite and I have not climbed a single mountain here! Seeing posts such as this makes me really jealous. It’s one of my bucketlist next year: to be able to climb at least 5 montains! Haha. I’m not really fit to do it kasi. 🙁

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  4. That view is breathtaking! I cannot wait to go for a hike here. Thanks for the tips, Ill keep that in mind.

  5. I have never been to Pico de Loro. The views from the top is breathtaking. Hope this pandemic ends so i can visit pico de loro soon lol

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