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Being able to speak more than one language is simply amazing. It’s like the closest thing humans can have to superpowers. They are able to speak without having trouble mixing the two languages. Aside from that, being bilingual (or multilingual) gives a person an advantage to grow personally and professionally because (1) he will be able to communicate and understand more people; (2) improve his ability to learn; (3), have better opportunities of employment; and (4) it’s a great mental workout.

Let me tell you a story about my first trip to Tokyo, Japan. One of the most challenging part of traveling is getting around the place. I was in the middle of Shinjuku train station trying to find my way out (Mind you, Shinjuku station has a LOT of exits). I tried to ask for directions: Sumimasen? Eigo ga hanasemasu ka? (Excuse me, can you speak English?). After getting 3 ‘iie’ (no), I finally spoke with someone who speaks English, he showed me the way out and even hailed me a cab. What a sweetheart. ❤️

That is only one of the many benefits of being able to speak more than one language!

Being Bilingual Rocks: Travel

Traveling through a foreign country becomes much easier if you can speak the language of that country. Fluency isn’t required. Being able to converse with locals, read printed media and literature, understand TV and radio, deal with problems, socialize and simply take part in day-to-day life makes the experience richer and more meaningful. Plus, locals anywhere appreciate that you’ve taken the time to at least attempt to learn and communicate in their tongue. It shows a greater level of respect and is an easy way to meet new people.

Being Bilingual Rocks: Diversities

The most common example is that bilinguals have the ability to understand jokes in a different language, while monolinguals try to understand dialog. They also enjoy reading and writing in different languages. They can understand and appreciate literature in various languages. It gives a deeper knowledge of different ideas and traditions.

Likewise, being bilingual does not necessarily make you smarter, but I feel that if you’re fluent in more than one language, learning additional languages becomes easier. I grew up studying three languages: Filipino, English, and basic French (after attending an international elementary school). It helped me improve my ability to focus on relevant information while filtering out the irrelevant. And I’ve gotten better at identifying misleading info.

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Being Bilingual Rocks: Career

As an employee: Employers are looking for more qualifications that will make an applicant stand out from the crowd. Being bilingual is one of those qualifications. In fact, just last year, CNN Money dubbed bilingualism as the hottest skill for job seekers. It will also help you in salary-negotiations.
As a business owner: When you learn another language, the size of your target market automatically increases for which you can sell your product or service. Remember, an ability to communicate in a second language is valuable, but being able to relate to people from a different background is equally important.

Being Bilingual Rocks: Health

In a recent study of 44 elderly Spanish-English bilinguals, scientists led by the neuropsychologist Tamar Gollan of the University of California, San Diego, found that individuals with a higher degree of bilingualism — measured through a comparative evaluation of proficiency in each language — were more resistant than others to the onset of dementia and other symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Psycholinguist Ellen Bialystok made the surprising discovery at York University in Toronto while she was comparing an ageing population of monolinguals and bilinguals. “The bilinguals showed symptoms of Alzheimer’s some four to five years after monolinguals with the same disease pathology,” she says.

Still not convinced? Researchers from Northwestern University as led by Viorica Marian, reported that bilingualism might delay a diagnosis of dementia because “using another language provides the brain built-in exercise.”

Anyone who has told you that learning another language is impractical, unrewarding, or simply a waste of your precious time is doing you a great disservice. Take advantage and enhance your life… Learn another language!

Do you speak another language aside from your native tongue and what language is it? How did it help you? Would you like to learn another? I’d like to know by commenting below.

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  1. Oh, I don’t even need reasons, it does rock to be a bilingual. 🙂 I speak four languages. I’ve been learning Spanish and soon, I want also want to learn Korean.

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