10 Travel Photos with Hilarious/Epic Fail Back Stories (A Throwback Post)

Hello fellow travel enthusiasts! Throughout my journeys to breathtaking destinations and off-the-beaten-path adventures, I’ve encountered some truly remarkable experiences – both hilarious and unforgettable in ways I could never have predicted. While some moments make me wish for a time machine, others have me doubling over with laughter. Join me as I open the treasure chest of my travel escapades, sharing tales of (almost) epic fails and unexpected wins that will have you grinning from ear to ear and itching to set off on your own unforgettable adventures!

10 Travel Photos with Hilarious/Epic Fail Back Stories (A Throwback Post)

Next time, I’m charging them extra (2018)

10 Travel Photos with Hilarious/Epic Fail Back Stories (A Throwback Post)

I have no clue whose brilliant idea it was to snap that photo without me knowing, but you know what? I’m secretly grateful for it! You see, I’ve got this knack for taking fantastic pictures of others, and when it’s my turn in front of the camera, the results are always on point – totally Instagram-worthy every single time! Which you will see later on this post. So, thank you, mystery photographer, for capturing my picture-perfect moment! 😄📸👌

Batsh*t Cray Cray (2015)

Hindsight is 20/20, isn’t it? First of all, it’s pretty obvious that bats make their homes in caves, so I should have seen that coming. Secondly, I really should have taken a moment to ask about what to expect inside this specific cave – spoiler alert: it was bats! 🦇😅

So there I was, confidently strolling deeper into the cave, thinking it was all empty. I heard some mysterious noises, but I brushed them off at first. It wasn’t until one of my friends sounded the alarm, warning me that there were bats hanging from the cave’s ceiling. As I glanced upward, I narrowly dodged a close encounter with bat droppings, missing my shoulder by mere inches. Talk about luck! Later on, I accidentally touched something that I mistook for a table, only to realize it was a pile of bat poop. Yep, I was quite fortunate that day! 😅🦇💩

In the photo, you can practically see the sheer joy and gratitude radiating from my face after narrowly avoiding a bat “gift.” Luck was definitely on my side that day! 😄📸

10 Travel Photos with Hilarious/Epic Fail Back Stories (A Throwback Post)

Bro Thinks I’m It’s Mom (2014)

10 Travel Photos with Hilarious/Epic Fail Back Stories (A Throwback Post)

Back in my 20s, I’ll never forget the moments when some elderly folks and even a medium told me something intriguing – that I had this special knack for attracting animals and young children. Now, I wasn’t one to buy into superstitions, so I didn’t give it too much thought at the time. However, there were experiences that happened along the way that made me start to wonder if there might be some truth to it. I used to work in the Pediatric department, and let me tell you, getting those little ones to take their medications was a breeze.

So there I was, chilling with my friends on the sandy shores of Puerto Galera, minding my own business, when suddenly, a man with a monkey appeared nearby. Now, I had absolutely no plans of touching that monkey – after all, it didn’t know me, and I was a bit worried it might decide to take a nibble. But, as fate would have it, that mischievous monkey broke free from its owner and leaped right onto me! Talk about being caught off guard! My friend, always ready for a laugh, couldn’t resist snapping a photo of the hilarious moment. That monkey ended up perched on my shoulder, gripping onto my head like it was its new favorite tree.

Photo They Took of Me (2019)

This one’s a bit of a facepalm moment, no need for a lengthy explanation. Picture this: I’m at the iconic Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy, and I decide to ask my dear auntie to snap a photo of me. Now, I’d gone all out taking tons of Instagram-worthy shots of her and her crew, even making sure they got the best angles by pulling them up front. And then, well, let’s just say I ended up having a little solo facepalm moment in the corner afterward. 😅📸

10 Travel Photos with Hilarious/Epic Fail Back Stories (A Throwback Post)

Why though? (2018)

10 Travel Photos with Hilarious/Epic Fail Back Stories (A Throwback Post)

Well, I mean, I did ask a complete stranger to take my picture, so what did I really expect, right? 😄📷

Mannequin (2013)

This was during my visit to Davao City back in 2013, right there at my aunt’s clothing store.

Leave it to my cousin to come up with a hilariously mischievous plan! She thought it would be a brilliant idea to strip a mannequin down to its bare essentials, wig and all, and have me stand in for it. Somehow, she managed to convince me to take my place in front of the shop and strike a pose – and being the gullible me, I was all too happy to play along.

We captured this memorable picture, but little did we know, it was just the beginning of our unexpected adventure. As I decided to step off the platform, some customers came in to browse the clothes on sale, and one of them had quite the shock (like, she actually screamed) when they realized I wasn’t a real mannequin. 😂👗🙈

10 Travel Photos with Hilarious/Epic Fail Back Stories (A Throwback Post)

I (still) don’t remember anything (2014)

10 Travel Photos with Hilarious/Epic Fail Back Stories (A Throwback Post)

It seems like the adventure in Baler, Aurora left quite an impression, even if some parts are a bit hazy. We all have those moments when travel fatigue sets in (or in my case drunk), and you find yourself sitting on unexpected spots, like one of the sculptures in this case. Even if the details are a bit foggy, it’s clear that the experience was one for the books! 😅🏙️🤔

While I’m still reminiscing about my time in Baler, there’s one memory that remains a bit of a mystery. I can’t quite recall how I ended up scaling that rock formation or even who snapped this photo. You see, the journey to Baler by land back then was a lengthy 6-7 hours, and my friends and I had this brilliant idea to enjoy some booze along the way.

By the time we reached Baler, I was already hammered. As I browse through the photos, I realized there were places I don’t remember visiting at all; their discovery was a surprise that came only when I saw the photos. And, well, let’s just say that some of those are rather embarrassing, so I’ve chosen to share the ones that are safe for public consumption! 🌄🍻📷

10 Travel Photos with Hilarious/Epic Fail Back Stories (A Throwback Post)

Charades (2012)

10 Travel Photos with Hilarious/Epic Fail Back Stories (A Throwback Post)

You can probably guess what goes down during a girls’ slumber party or staycation, right? Well, I won’t dive into all the details, but I can tell you this: we had an absolutely amazing time. Six crazy girls who hadn’t seen each other for years, a little bit of alcohol, a hilarious game of charades, and our trusty phone cameras – it made for one unforgettable reunion! 🎉🍹🎭📸

Even to this day, that photo remains their go-to reminder of all the fun we had that night. *shakes my head*

Chill, Bro (2014)

We were at the base camp of Mt. Batulao, enjoying a well-deserved break from setting up our tent. The girls got in the mood for a photo session, complete with jump shots. Little did we know, a wandering goat in the vicinity took offense to our impromptu photo shoot and decided to target me. The girls weren’t even aware of the persistent goat repeatedly butted its head against my leg and back side. 🐐📸

10 Travel Photos with Hilarious/Epic Fail Back Stories (A Throwback Post)

In conclusion, my journey through these travel stories has been a rollercoaster of laughter, surprises, and unforgettable moments. From encounters with mischievous monkeys in exotic locales to comical slumber party shenanigans, each tale has highlighted the joy and unpredictability of travel. While some memories may fade with time, these stories serve as lasting reminders of the incredible adventures that can unfold when we explore the world with an open heart and a sense of humor. So, here’s to more unforgettable travel tales and the priceless memories they create!

What’s your most unforgettable travel memory, and what made it stand out? I’d like to know so comment below!

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  1. Glad you never deleted all your awkward photos coz they are always a great source of entertainment after so many years. I kept mine as well and occasionally I do checked on them to get some laugh.
    You were young then, and that’s okay! You gain more experiences along the way.

  2. Haha this is inspiring I’m gonna try to do the same. That bat poop is for real you are one luck gal. Me not so much. Yep, bird poop landed straight on my cheek just thought of it as some exotic facial experience

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