13 Most Spectacularly Haunting Places to Visit This Halloween

Tired of waiting for your doorbell to ring every year so you may hand out candy to the few that come to your door? Or maybe you simply wish to avoid the same old Halloween party. Whatever the case, Halloween is a fantastic reason to visit some of the world’s most spectacularly haunting places, such as these.

13 Most Spectacularly Haunting Places to Visit This Halloween

Salem, Massachusetts

Halloween is a month-long celebration in Salem. There are several spooky events, including the Haunted Happenings Grand Parade, as well as scary ghost stories, witches, vampires, and other supernatural beings. In fact, in this town, 26 people were tried and executed for witchcraft. Today, it is one of the best Halloween destinations in the United States for its celebration of witches on their most important night of the year.

The Halloween parade in Salem takes place in early October, but if you can’t make it, you can always visit the Salem Witch Museum to learn about witchcraft and the historical reasons for the witch trials. There are haunted house tours, trial and hanging re-enactments, as well as fireworks and witches’ circles. If that isn’t enough, the Hawthorne Hotel, which is said to be haunted, will also host its legendary Salem Witches Ball.

New Orleans, Louisiana

After Mardi Gras, Halloween is the most celebrated event in New Orleans. Halloween in Crescent City isn’t only for kids; there may be just as many events for adults as for youngsters. It is highly known for its voodoo history, and if you explore the French Quarter, you’ll come across a number of voodoo stores where you can find out more about the centuries-old rituals. The vibes of some of them practically let you sense Marie Laveau’s ghost, the High Priestess of 19th-century New Orleans.

After dark, there are tours that will regale you with tales of the hundreds who perished in a tidal wave at the mysterious Manchac Swamp just northwest of the city – covered with ancient trees and wispy Spanish moss, this is an eerie yet fascinating place any time of year.

You may also take one of the many ghost tours available throughout the French Quarter and the rest of the city, but don’t miss the world-famous (or infamous) cemeteries, where the dearly departed are buried in above-ground tombs. Countless eerie tales exist about the ghosts of these “Cities of the Dead,” a number of which have even been documented and photographed.

Sleepy Hollow, New York

Sleepy Hollow, the setting for Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” one of the most iconic American ghost stories, is an actual town in New York, and reports of the Headless Horseman can still be heard at graves in the area. The Old Dutch Burying Ground is one of the oldest cemeteries in the United States, and Irving’s burial is located at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. The cemetery offers both daylight and evening “lantern” tours, although reservations are required well in advance because it is quite popular, especially during Halloween.

On All Hallows Eve, this town has something for everyone, including Gothic mansions, spooky hayrides, parades, and street markets. During the month of October, the 300-year-old Philipsburg Manor is turned into a terrifying realm inhabited by vampires, witches, zombies, ghouls, and ghosts – all serving the Headless Horseman himself.

San Francisco, California

The City by the Bay is more than just sourdough bread and delicious clam chowder; it’s also packed with spectacularly creepy places to explore. Its history of natural calamities, along with its status as one of the most major boomtowns during the gold rush era, makes it both frightening and beautiful. After dark, visitors can join ghost tours at the city’s most infamous site, Alcatraz, which is considered as one of America’s scariest destinations, with cold spots, mysterious &  unexplained source of music, and apparitions sighted walking through walls.

The historic Queen Anne Hotel is perfect for a night with a ghost or two. This luxurious hotel is well-known for its haunting. Mary, a ghost, is said to continue her duties after death, keeping an eye on guests to ensure they have a pleasant stay. She likes to tuck her guests in at night, as well as unpack and hang up their clothing.

Deadwood, South Dakota

Some people think Deadwood is the most haunted town in the country, and even the name conjures up frightening images. Whether you agree with that or not, it’s still a fantastic destination with a fascinating history. Deadwood transforms into “Deadweird” every October with haunted houses, ghost tours, costume contests, and much more. This two-day event often takes place on the Friday and Saturday closest to Halloween.

Spend the night in the historic Bullock Hotel, which Seth Bullock, Deadwood’s first sheriff, owned and built, to cap off an extremely eerie evening. Even though he passed away in 1919, over a century ago, it is reported that he still hosts guests at his beloved hotel. While some have said to have seen his apparition here, many others have reported having strange experiences of all kinds. Televisions change channels on their own, unplugged alarm clocks go off, and guests have felt tapping on their shoulders only to turn around and find no one there.

Estes Park, Colorado

The Stanley Hotel, a historical landmark on which author Stephen King based his novel “The Shining,” is located in Estes Park, which is situated at the eastern fringe of Rocky Mountain National Park. Estes Park is well known for its spectacular mountain scenery and outdoor recreation activities. Stephen King, the maestro of horror, is claimed to have been so terrified while staying at this hotel that he used it as the inspiration for the setting of his infamous novel-to-film adaptation.

The hotel has been open for over a century, and paranormal incidents have always been a part of its history. Mr. Stanley, the inventor of the Stanley Steamer Automobiles, and his wife were reportedly spotted going through the lobby. Other ghostly encounters include the sounds of children laughing and running along the fourth-floor hallways. While a former housekeeper who passed away in this place in 1911 is said to often assist visitors in Room 217 by unpacking and storing their belongings, Mrs. Stanley can sometimes be heard playing her piano in the music room.

Hollywood, California

Not only is Hollywood home to a plethora of spooky tales, but the greatest Halloween street celebration on the globe takes place in West Hollywood every October. It pulls a half-million people to the sidewalks of Santa Monica Boulevard dressed in outrageous costumes, with the majority letting their inhibitions fly. It includes live entertainment on many stages, food vendors, photo booths, and various bars with drink deals and patio parties.

If you want to see a celebrity or maybe a ghost, you should stay at the opulent Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Marilyn Monroe used to live there, and she is thought to be one of the many restless ghosts who haunt the place. Guests and hotel personnel have reported seeing a blonde lady in her previous suite’s mirror, and her presence has also been felt at the hotel’s poolside Tropicana.

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Bisbee, Arizona

While Bisbee is only a short drive from Tombstone in southern Arizona, it gives visitors a unique, possibly less clichéd, experience. This old mining town became funky artists’ refuge in the Mule Mountains has a rich past, tons of wacky character, and is also recognized as one of America’s most haunted places. While there are several haunted hotels to choose from, the Copper Queen and Bisbee Grand are two of the more well-known.

The Bisbee Grand, which has been open for nearly a century, is reported to have numerous residents, including a male spirit who is frequently seen downstairs. A female can be seen on the upper floor on occasion, dressed in a Victorian-style attire, bringing a tea tray, and sometimes standing at the foot of the bed in Room 2 or 3. When everything is silent and few people are present, the usually silent piano will start playing a few notes on its own.

There are numerous options for Halloween parties, including the Copper Queen Hotel‘s annual street dance, which is one of the biggest events in Bisbee, with three bars, a DJ, and dancing. There are costume contests, live music, and other events all across town.


When it comes to hotels and vacation rentals in Romania’s most famous region, Transylvania, there are many excellent places to choose from. Most also give easy access to the iconic Bran Castle, which was once claimed to be the residence of Vlad the Impaler and was rumored to be the basis for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Vlad was notorious for his excessive brutality, including impaling tens of thousands of his foes on stakes. The castle is now available to the public and hosts Halloween tours.

Bran Castle is well worth a visit, but many suggest that the most thrilling attractions can be found in Cluj-Napoca, the country’s second-most populous city, namely in the Hoia-Baciu Forest. This eerie glade is the setting for several eerie tales, including numerous UFO and ghost sightings that give the place a somewhat Blair Witch vibe.

London, England

With a very gory past, London is home to a haunted tower, dingy dungeons, and nearly a limitless number of places where ghosts are believed to wander. As a result, you may choose from a variety of gruesome Halloween activities, attractions, and parties. Enjoy a ghost tour after hours with Richard Jones, the author of Haunted London, and see graveyards and well-known murder sites, or get together for the Jack the Ripper Walk to take a guided tour of the notorious killer’s former haunts in East London.

For a one-hour special Halloween tour of Richmond Park, you may even ride in a horse-drawn carriage while learning all about the ghosts who roam its grounds. With its stark white exterior and meandering stone halls, the Tower of London, which previously housed political prisoners who were tortured before being put to death, also offers rather interesting tours during which you can learn about various ghostly tales.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, which is well-known for its stunning Gothic architecture, is a great place to go on Halloween. Along with several sights including the Torture Museum, Charles Bridge with its eerie-looking sculptures, St. Vitus Cathedral and its gargoyles, and Old Town, the scene of many local legends and spooky tales, the city offers a wide variety of ghost tours and guided night walks.

Bone Church, a highly peculiar type of bone art museum, is located in Kutna Horna, a village less than an hour’s drive east of Prague. The remains of almost 40,000 plague victims are tiled from top to bottom within this Gothic church. A large coat of arms made of tibias and fibias is among the strange ornaments that have been made from some of the bones. Others have been artistically woven into the inside. Every bone in the human body was used to make the chandelier, which hangs from the center.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is not only regarded as one of the most stunning cities in all of Europe, but also as one of the creepiest in all of the United Kingdom. On top of an extinct volcano overlooking the city, Edinburgh Castle is haunted with shadowy figures of lost souls. Guests to the 900-year-old fortress may even come face-to-face with it is resident ghosts including a phantom piper and a headless drummer.

One of the best options to witness Edinburgh’s paranormal activities is to take a ghost tour of the city’s old underground areas. If you spend the night at Dalhousie Castle, you could get a glimpse of Lady Catherine’s spirit, who is the most frequently mentioned ghost at this hotel that was formerly a 13th-century fortress. Guests have heard her skirt rustle and heard her banging on doors; some have even felt her tug their hair. This long-deceased young woman starved herself to death after her parents forbade her one true love.

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