I'm from the Philippines.

I speak four languages. Fluent in two, conversant in two more.


It depends on my mood, but I prefer to travel slowly so that I may appreciate my destinations without feeling rushed. Every year, I attempt to visit one international country and five cities here in the Philippines. I like returning to places that I've visited previously. As an example, I've already visited Cebu more than five times.

Although I do not have a favorite country, I do have a favorite city and it's Osaka, Japan. ❤


Unfortunately, I do not accept guest posts at this time. I'm in the process of revamping and reorganizing the blog. I might open it in the future.

I earn a bit of commission through collaborations, affiliate marketing and ads. Thank you very much for the supporting me through this! ❤

The most rewarding aspect? I'm a chatty person by nature — both verbally and in writing. As a blogger in general, I like the fact that my yammering (usually, radnom) benefits people. Hahaha!

It depends on the subject (and my mood). The majority of my time is spent brainstorming - I write them first in my notebook, then move them to my blog. I'd say 2.5 hours at the very least.

My monthly newsletters are just for information and inspiration. I used to monetize (with my prior sites), but it didn't last long. I quit doing it since it's spammy, invasive, and ineffective. Some folks detest email marketing (me included).

I wish! But no, I manage a business in my country and I also have a few side-hustles. How to start a money making blog… Despite the fact that I've been blogging for a while, I don't believe I have enough experience to teach. I'm sorry!

Yes, blogging is my hobby. Offline, I manage a business.

I seldom proofread my posts because I'm lazy.