A Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining Your Electronic PRC License Online

Obtaining your Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) license in the Philippines is an essential step towards establishing your credibility and expertise in your chosen profession. Thanks to digital advancements, the PRC now offers the convenience of acquiring an electronic copy of your license through their website. In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to obtain your electronic PRC license hassle-free.

The PRC license holds significant importance as one of the primary valid identification documents accepted throughout the Philippines. Issued by the Professional Regulation Commission, this license serves as a testament to an individual’s professional competence and expertise in their respective field. Recognized by various government and private institutions, the PRC license stands as a trusted form of identification and verification, offering individuals a recognized credential that holds weight in numerous professional and legal transactions across the country.

Step 1: Navigate to the Official PRC Website Start by opening your web browser and typing “www.prc.gov.ph” in the address bar. Press Enter to access the official website of the Professional Regulation Commission.

Step 2: Login to Your PRC Account If you already have a registered account, click on the “SIGN IN” button at the top right corner of the homepage. Enter your username and password to log in. If you don’t have an account yet, click on the “REGISTER” button to create one.

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***NOTE: If you have already finished the INITIAL REGISTRATION/RENEWAL process for your PRC license (meaning you have completed the submission of documents and payment) and are just waiting for your physical license, please go to STEP 8.

Step 3: Access the Licensure Examination and Registration Information System (LERIS) Upon successful login, you will be redirected to the PRC Online Services page. Locate the “Services” tab in the navigation menu and hover your cursor over it. From the dropdown menu, select “Licensure Examination and Registration Information System” (LERIS).

Step 4: Choose the Transaction Type Under the LERIS system, you will find various transaction types. Select the appropriate one for your situation. For instance, if you recently passed a licensure examination, choose “Initial Registration.”

Step 5: Provide the Required Information Fill out the online form with accurate and up-to-date information. You will need to provide personal details, examination information, and other relevant data. Make sure to double-check the entries for any errors before proceeding.

Step 6: Pay the Prescribed Fees After submitting the form, you will be directed to the payment page. Pay the required fees using the available payment options, such as credit/debit card or online banking. The fees cover the cost of your electronic license and other processing charges. Remember to keep a copy of the payment receipt for your records.

Step 7: Wait for Processing Once your payment is confirmed, the PRC will process your application. The processing time may vary depending on the volume of applications received. You can check the status of your application by logging into your PRC account and navigating to the appropriate section.

Step 8: Download Your Electronic License Once your application is approved, you will receive a notification on your PRC account. Log in and go to the LERIS system. Look for the section that allows you to download your electronic license. Click on the download link to obtain a digital copy of your professional license.

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Step 9: Print or Save the Electronic License After downloading your electronic license, you have the option to print it on clean, white paper or save it as a PDF file for future use. It is advisable to keep both digital and physical copies in case you need to present your license in various situations.

Conclusion: Obtaining an electronic copy of your PRC license through the PRC website is a convenient and efficient process. By following this step-by-step guide, you can easily acquire your digital license, saving time and effort. Always ensure that you comply with the PRC’s guidelines and keep your license updated to maintain your professional standing in the Philippines.

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