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Life Was Meant For Good Friends and Great Adventures

Happy best friends day! Well, at least in the United States. We all have friends who have our back no matter what the situation. Never Debbie Downers, these are people who consistently buoy us back up when we feel like we’re sinking. Think about that friend who knows exactly what to say when you’re feeling down – the person who will point out your recent accomplishments or help you laugh at a situation. Everyone needs that go-to buddy who can lift you up when you need it the most – I’m blessed with two! This Best Friends Day, I dedicate this post to these two annoying people in my life.

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How to Adopt a Rescued Koala in Australia

My boyfriend asked what I wanted for my birthday – I couldn’t think of anything at that time. Then I remembered wanting to adopt a koala back in 2019 after the bushfire that burnt nearly three billion terrestrial vertebrates alone – the vast majority being reptiles. And some endangered species were believed to be driven to extinction.

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How to Become a Lord or Lady without Leaving the Philippines

The coronavirus pandemic has canceled and postponed countless travel plans, I had 5 internationals and 3 of which were already booked as early as 2019. Despite the challenges posed by this virus, there are companies that try to ease our cravings to travel.

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COVID-19 Information

Getting Your COVID-19 Vaccine: What To Do and What To Expect

So you have finally scheduled an appointment and now the waiting game begins…

What should you do before getting the vaccine? What possible side effects should I expect after getting a covid-19 vaccine? What can I do to relieve the discomfort of covid-19 vaccine side effects?

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That ‘Fashion Vortex’ Called My Mom’s Photo Album

First of all, I would like to greet all the super moms out there a Happy Mothers’ Day! Especially my mother – this strong and beautiful woman has always been the inspiration for my desire to explore the world and to experience what life has to offer. Being a traveler herself she taught me how to be appreciate, practical, and indepenent. 

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