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Online Shop Review: Purple_n_Pink by Sab

On the hunt for official K-Pop Merch to show your favorite K-Pop groups and biases some love? Look no further and check out Purple_n_Pink by Sab!

To be honest, my understanding of K-Pop isn’t as extensive as that of most people nowadays. I’m not a huge fan, but I’ve listened to a few BTS songs and loved jiving to their music. My sister, on the other hand, is arguably the most fanatical Army  I’ve ever known. And for Christmas, I set out to find her very own ArmyBomb.

I chatted with a friend, Ellah who is obsessed with all things Korean, especially Kdrama and Kpop Groups. I found that she imports goods directly from South Korea.

It was already late in November and I still didn’t know what to get my sister. I didn’t want to ask her because it was meant to be a surprise. Ellah had a couple suggestions but ultimately agreed to purchase the Special Edition Armybomb.

Process & Payment

It was a rather quick transaction; I paid with Gcash, and Ellah was able to secure an ArmyBomb and its accessories for me. It was also delivered ahead of schedule. Ellah mentioned that when her box was closed, shipment takes 4-6 weeks. She would keep me updated on a regular basis, and she was always patient with my queries.

The ArmyBomb

Purple_n_Pink by Sab

Complete. Good as new. Oh yeah! 👌

Quality Assurance & Local Shipping

What I appreciate best about her is that after the product came, she meticulously tested it for functionality and completeness. She had it packaged with a series of bubble wraps and ‘Fragile’ tape. She also advised me on what I needed to do as soon as I received the item. I volunteered to book the courier but she also asked for the link so she could track it down.


Final Thoughts

Purchasing online, especially from abroad, may be risky; thus, before selecting an online store to buy from, make sure it is of high quality and reputable. I’m the sort of person who would be hesitant to spend more than a thousand pesos on something but I’m glad that I trusted Ellah and her shop, Purple_n_Pink by Sab. She exceeded my expectations and I would absolutely recommend her to my friends and followers who are also KPop and Kdrama lovers.

She offers merchandises from IU, Twice, Blackpink, Enhypen, and many more artists in addition to BTS.

Purple_N_Pink by Sab
LOCATION: Caloocan City, Metro Manila
SHOPEE: Purple_N_Pink by Sab
TWITTER: @PrplNPnkbySab
TIKTOK: @prplnpnkbysab
MODES OF PAYMENT: GCash, Bank Transfer (BDO)

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