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Travel Guide: The Laperal White House in Baguio, Philippines


The Laperal House is one of the most haunted places in the Philippines and it is located in Baguio City, north of Luzon. A vacation home built by Roberto Laperal in the 1930s, the house is said to be the residence of the ghosts of a woman who looks out the window and a little girl who stands on the stairs. The house is, unfortunately, closed most days of the year, so you can only appreciate it from the outside.



Built in the 1920s, the Victorian-style Laperal White House in Baguio was originally owned by the Laperal clan headed by Don Roberto and Doña Victorina. Japanese soldiers reportedly took over it and used it as a temporary garrison during World War II, the women were raped in the bedrooms, Filipino men who were accused of spying for the Americans were interrogated in the sala or living room, then they were tortured and killed. There was even a house help who committed suicide here. The house’s longtime caretakers have reported seeing apparitions coming to and from the house — specifically, of a woman in white and a little girl.


“The lights would switch off and on, and there were times that people who were passing by would see images moving by the windows.”

“I heard strange footsteps from the stable in the basement and the sound of doors and windows being shuttered, even when there was no one around.”




I heard so many ghost stories about the house but what I got was a sight to behold. The architecture itself was unique, a mixture of Spanish and American features. Sadly, the mansion is no longer open to public. I would’ve definitely explored its interiors. Maybe someday, when its doors open again to the public. I didn’t felt anything weird or spooky (not that I’m expecting anything to happen haha).


The Laperal White House
Address: #14 Leonard Woods Road, (In front of PNKY), Baguio City
Hours: Closed to Public

Take a cab from Session Road or SM Baguio to Laperal White House. The fare is between 60 to 70 pesos (may change in time).

Take a jeepney going to Mines View Park. You can either look for jeeps/jeepneys with a signboard that says MINES VIEW PARK or you can go to the jeepney terminal which is located at Mabini Street near Session Road. The fare is 9 pesos(may change in time).


Do you enjoy exploring haunted places or would you consider visiting one? Did you find this travel guide helpful? Any tips that you’d like to add? Let me know by commenting below!

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21 thoughts on “Travel Guide: The Laperal White House in Baguio, Philippines

  1. I don’t celebrate Halloween. However, I would really like to visit other landmarks if I ever visit the Philippines.


  2. I have never been to the Philippines or to Asia, but reading your post makes me realize I`m missing out. Friends who`ve been there told me it`s a must-visit for a diver as the underwater there is brilliant,I`m a diver and hoping I can soon visit the Philippines and nearby countries. As it`s a long haul flight from Europe I have to be properly ready so when I vissit I can spend 1 month to see all there is.


  3. I always find the stories associated with haunted houses to be interesting. These sometimes grow more and more as the years go on, and in some cases, actually, become their own tourist attractions. The design of the house looks like the part and the overgrown garden adds to that feel as well. Perhaps this will be reopened one day, depending on what plans the current owners may have for it.


  4. Sometimes when I walk or bike I see homes that I think look haunted. This one would stand out for me in that way. The thought of going in would make me nervous, but I’d really love to see it. Great post!


  5. Looks lioe something I would enjoy. I always try to get out for a tour of a haunted house or two at this time of the year.


  6. This is interesting. While I don’t believe in ghosts, I like checking out haunted places. Ghosts of a woman and a little girl – this sounds scary! Too bad it’s closed to the public!


    1. Also, too bad that you cannot enter the house. I would love to enter to experience if it is haunted or not. I want to see the girl in white.


  7. So this house is good for tourism, coz it will be hard this to sell a haunted house. But the design looks interesting.


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