Name: Polly Defies Gravity
Webmiss: Polly
October 2013
Type: Blog/Personal
Host: WordPress.Com


I’ve been blogging on and off since 2000. My very first was an online journal and a gaming review site called Binge Gaming hosted at Live Journal. Decided to close it because of school and some drama offline. Around 2002, I opened Le Flairon which is basically just another blog (me blabbling about anything and everything under the sun + depressive poems lol what?), and two subsites (subsites? If it’s not a word, well it is now) called Le Flairon Reviews (review site for blogs) and Le Flairon Awards (award site for blogs). This is where I developed my coding (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP) and design (PS & PSP) skills. Closed it and went on hiatus. I opened another blog called Cookies and Scream around 2006 (yup, another online ranting journal) and closed it after few months. I went back to blogging around 2008, it was hosted at tumblr, and 2 photo-dumping sites at deviantart and  Model Mayhem. Surprisingly, they have not deleted my accounts yet. Hahaha! At 2013, made another blog called Atomic Chick then finally, changed it to Polly Defies Gravity.

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