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woman in the colosseum rome italy
Colosseum in Rome, Italy. Bucket list, ticked! ❤

Hey Hunnies! I’m POLLY AMORA from Manila, Philippines and I am thrilled to have you visiting my blog. I left my corporate job to pursue entrepreneurship and I’m passionate about it (which, I also blog about). I’m extroverted to the nth degree and would describe myself as adventurous, outgoing and mostly up for a challenge (Exhibit AExhibit B). I love the outdoors and tries to go somewhere most weekends either with friends or travelling solo. When not, I’m probably at home reading a good book or binge gaming.

I’ve been traveling since I was young but truly fell in love with it when I first solo-traveled to Hong Kong back in 2009. Hiking mountains, surfing the waves, exploring new cities, meeting locals & making new friends, and trying exotic food… Adventure is what I enjoy!

Join me as I explore the world, one island at a time. DIY style!

Through this blog, I hope to inspire my readers to:

  • Be well-traveled, take risks, and be unafraid to seek and embrace adventure both literally and metaphorically.
  • That traveling is attainable, affordable, and doable.
  • To explore, appreciate and travel even within their backyards. It’s easy to get caught up in wishing to be somewhere else, even when our own cities or countries are filled with amazing destinations and things to do.
  • The importance of work and life balance, specially to our workaholic friends.
  • Hopefully to encourage travelers to come visit my country, the Philippines. It’s such a nice place to check out. ❤ #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines

But how?

  • Through my stories and experiences before, during and after traveling.
  • Through sharing detailed information such as budget and itinerary to help them make the most out of their trip.


Woman in Tokyo, Japan with Godzilla
Woman in a mountain
buildings and skyscrapers in manila philippines


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Updated last July 20, 2019


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  1. well said polly.. indeed as individuals we must become independent..we also need mentors in society who done it and truly want to give back and see people truly evolve.. but it all begins with the inner eye becoming open to the true realities of why were put here and that purpose will drive us to becoming who we were designed to be as individuals in this amazing world..

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  2. I’m very inconsistent as a writer – blogging can be messy – it’s all you. It’s strictly the out pouring of yourself you have the energy to give. Just don’t spill on the magic of it with too much worry of self discipline 😘🔥✨✨ you inspire many !!!!!!!!!

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  3. My heart is so full for you and what you have made 💖 What you have made is truly something magical and I am so humbled to be a part of it, even if for a moment. I love you—keep shining cause the sky’s the limit for you QUEEN ✨

    Liked by 1 person

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