Hey Hunnies! I’m POLLY AMORA, a 30-something traveler based in Manila, Philippines and I am thrilled to have you visiting my blog. I’m extroverted to the nth degree (for details click here) and would describe myself as adventurous, outgoing and mostly up for a challenge (Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C). I am a nurse by profession but later decided to establish a printing services business (which, helps me fund my travels). On weekdays, I’m mostly focused on my work and other commitments but on weekends, I try to go somewhere either with friends or traveling solo.

What inspired you to travel?

I’ve been traveling since I was four but truly fell in love with it when I volunteered in outreach programs and medical missions to depressed/remote areas in our country back in 2004. My first international solo-travel to Hong Kong last 2009 was also an eye-opener. Basically, I love exposing myself to new experiences, exploring new places, learning new things, and helping others along the way. ❤

What’s your travel style?

I like to travel slow and I’m always up for a challenge. Throw me your craziest ideas, I’m usually down to do anything! Some of the things that I enjoy are: climbing mountains, the beach, exploring new cities, making new friends, and indulging in different cuisines and dishes. Anything that keeps me moving and I learn something from it.

Apart from traveling what are your other hobbies & interests?

We can be good at a lot of things and I don’t limit myself to one. I am secretly a geek. I enjoy playing online games (DOTA girl since 2004) and I can be very competitive. I also enjoy reading mostly are fiction but I also like business and self-help. I’m into music and I play the drums in fact, as a side-hustle, I teach drums to students of all ages and levels. For sports, I’m a marathoner and have finished several 26.2 miles races. I’m also an MMA fighter and recently, I joined a dragon boat team. For art, I enjoy sketching and watercolor painting. I’ve also designed tattoos for friends.

Through this blog, I hope to inspire my readers:

  • To encourage my readers to be well-traveled, take risks, and be unafraid to seek and embrace adventure both literally and figuratively.
  • That traveling is attainable, affordable, and doable even if you don’t quit your 9-5.
  • To explore, appreciate and travel even within their backyards. It’s easy to get caught up in wishing to be somewhere else, even when our own cities or countries are filled with amazing destinations and things to do.
  • Hopefully encourage other travelers to come visit my beautiful country, the Philippines. #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines ❤

But how?

  • Through sharing travel tips and tricks, and my stories & experiences before, during and after traveling.
  • Through sharing detailed information such as travel guides & itinerary, practical budget tips and honest reviews & recommendations so you can travel more for less!







buildings and skyscrapers in manila philippines





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  1. I came across your article about traveling while running a business and thought I’d check your profile. Not everyone has the same mindset, the same goals, or even the same personality type when it comes to their careers and handling money specially the Millennials. Some would rather go in debt just to impress others on Facebook that could actually careless one way or the other. Nice work, young lady.

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  2. Your attitude is contagious. You spread optimism and positivity. Demonstrate your passion by approaching things with energy, focus, purpose, and enthusiasm. I’m also a Pinay and I’m proud to call you a kabayan. Excited to read your future posts!

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  3. I just found your webiste! And I have to say I really enjoyed it, its definetly one of my new reference sites. I came across it today when I googled “reasons why you should travel alone” and after reading it made me feel so light and wonderfull. I found other amazing topics, like “habits of mentally strong woman” and usually I saty away from sites like those because often they make the reader feel like your not good enough or like they are taking a dig at your persona. Your however, felt like it was close friend or family member giving me advice but still assertive and I really like that. Thank you for sharing!

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  4. Your posts are great. You say what I think and feel, only better. And you look fabulous! I struggle with my own blog and look up to yours. I am happy to see your journey. Incredible work!

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  5. i saw your answers on quora about mlm thought I’d visit your website. you have strong opinions and i admire you for that . i do mlm and its not that bad cheers!

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    1. Hi Rudy! Wow that thread was last year? Hahaha! Thank you for dropping by!

      I don’t consider all MLM’s a scam. But my answer remains the same. Most MLMs are not legit – I can name a gazillion website/companies that do this. Why? Because there are NO tangible products and the entire focus is on chain recruiting. Affiliate commissions are paid out as a direct result of recruiting others. Rather than earning commissions based on the sale of legitimate products or services. This is exactly how a pyramid scheme operates. You can make money with schemes like this, but they simply do not last. Only so many people are willing to join a scheme like this, so eventually people stop making money and they jump ship. Right into the next ‘shiny object’.


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