Hey Hunnies! I’m POLLY AMORA from Manila, Philippines and I am thrilled to have you visiting my blog. I’m a Registered Nurse, a businesswoman and a part-time drum instructor. A Polyglot by heart. I’m extroverted to the nth degree. An advocate of Leave No Trace. I love the outdoors and tries to go somewhere most weekends either with friends or travelling solo. When not, I’m probably at home reading a good book or binge gaming.

SPORTS: I’m a marathoner and an aspiring triathlete. I would really love to amp my mileage someday and finish at least one 100km run. I am also a Mixed Martial Arts fighter (Muay Thai and Boxing) and have competed in a few ‘Cage Fights’. I love water sports like swimming and dragon boat race training.

MUSIC: Mostly, I listen to rock music, 90’s alternative, and metal. I used to be a drummer in high school and have tutored kids a few years ago. I also play the piano and ukulele.

ON TRAVELING AND WORK:  No, I didn’t quit my job to explore the world. I established my own business to finance my travels. I used to be stuck in the hospital after passing the Nurses’ Licensure Exam then ventured to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) a few years after. Working night shifts on the permanent basis, I hardly had time to balance work-life. It’s when I’ve decided to leave everything behind and start anew with the money that I’ve saved. I am now an owner of a small business in Manila. I am also an advocate about the concept of financial freedom. I feel that it is everyone’s duty and obligation to become financially literate and independent.

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