Name: Golden Island Señorita
Opened: October 2013
Type: Lifestyle blog
Host: WordPress.Com

NICHE: Golden Island Señorita is a lifestyle blog where I share my adventures from island hopping in the Philippines to traveling abroad. I also write about career advancement, health and fitness, life-lessons and reflections, book reviews, and anything under the sun. My goal is to inspire readers to be well-traveled, seek adventure, take risks and become the best possible versions of themselves. I also accept product reviews that are relevant to the site. However, I reserve the right to share my honest opinions.

HISTORY: I have been blogging on and off since 2000, but only recently would like to take it more seriously and ramp up the readership. I’ve had sites hosted at Live Journal, Geocities, Tumblr and private domains owned by my online friends. I’m a self-taught webdev (HTML, Javascript, PHP, CSS). My coding skills improved by reading/watching online tutorials and applying it to my own blog/webpages. In 2013, I created another blog called Polly Defies Gravity. And finally, Golden Island Señorita.

Golden Island – I was born and raised in the Philippines, a tropical country where the sun shines all through the years, at least most of the times.
Señorita – a Spanish title or form of address used to or of an unmarried girl or woman; similar to the English `Miss’.

Adventures – Places that I’ve been to and wrote about, I’ve also included travel information such as itineraries, do’s and don’t, & etiquette. I also wrote a few travel-related reflections and thoughts.
Topics – Articles that I wrote in the past. Some are related to traveling but most of it are of general topic.
Information – About the blogger, the blog, and disclaimers & sponsorships.
Links – Websites that are either travel-related or we’re affiliated with.
Contact Me – The easiest to contact me. You may need to provide information such as your name, email address, blog URL but rest assured that any personal data shared with us will be guarded with utmost confidentiality.


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