Life: 15 Things to Let Go of in the New Year
1. Let go of regrets. I’m talking about the ‘what ifs, what might of been, and what could have been’ because ‘what could have been” …

Life: 10 Warning Signs That You’re Dating A Womanizer
Apparently Britney Spears can spot them a mile away, but not all of us know when we have a womanizer on our hands. Charming, attentive…

Life: Perks of Being a Short Girl
Being short is great. I’m 4’11” 1/2 (don’t forget the 1/2) and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I will admit, I hated having…

Life: What’s Your Sign?
Whether you believe it or not, it is a practice which started many years ago and the idea is that each person has a particular sun sign which depends on when…

Life: Another year older, a little bit wiser, a lot more curious and definitely grateful
I officially turn 28! I’m so blessed and thankful for everything in my life so far… and I look forward to seeing what’s to come! During my reflection this week…

Life: 4 Reasons Why Being Bilingual Rocks!
Everyone speaks English, right? Well, certainly not everyone speaks English. Being able to speak more than one language is simply amazing! It’s like the closest thing…

Life: 10 Habits of a Mentally Strong Person
Mental strength involves more than just drive or willpower; it is a collection of attributes that allow a person to persevere through difficult circumstances and emerge

Life: 8 Misconceptions about Extroverts
Extroverts are seen as gregarious, socially activate people who enjoy parties and being part of the crowd. While that may be true, but…

Life: Embracing Your Imperfections
Have your insecurities ever caused you to feel unworthy or being not good enough? Yes, those nagging little things that you see in your life, that most others don’t even notice. It’s funny how we can...

Life: 7 Reasons Why Being a Homebody Isn’t So Bad
I was never a homebody. I hated being stuck within the confines of anywhere. I had always been busy with work and would rather stay out of the house…

Life: Boxing – A Knockout Workout
Boxing is one of the many forms of combat sports. Many people brand this ‘barbaric’ and ‘inhumane’ because it aims to do as much damage as possible to…

Life: 12 Life Lessons that I’ve Learned from Traveling
It’s no secret that traveling opens our eyes, but today I’ll be sharing with you how traveling has changed me …for the better.

Life: 15 Life Lessons that I’ve Learned From My First Marathon
Last February 1, 2015, I ran the Condura Skyway Marathon.  I was a little apprehensive because it was my first time to run a race that I think couldn’t finish – 42 km. Honestly…

Life: 10 Most Annoying Behaviors in the Workplace
Someone who complains a lot but does nothing and/or offers no suggestions about how to remedy the problem he/she is complaining about. Besides

Life: Self-Confidence
Self-confidence is often a more important asset than skill, knowledge, or even experience. Without it you can be paralyzed with doubt, guilt, indecision, and go through life rudderless…

Life: Personal Bubble
The term “personal space” refers to as an imaginary space which is theorized to surround each and everyone, such that it sets the distance between a person and somebody else. Just as body movements and facial expressions can…

Life: Seize The Moment
I believe, it is better to have dreams than to start the day, or year, not knowing where you stand. Dreams and ambitions are your foundation, or personal goals and desires…

Life: Morning Runs
Nothing beats a morning run to freshen up my day!  Sometimes I am asked what it is about running that I love so much. I always pause,  taken aback by the question, as if…


Travel: Leave No Trace
Ever since I first traveled I have been hooked on discovering and exploring new destinations. To immerse yourself within different cultures…

Travel: My Favorite (Free) Travel Apps
In this day in age where no one goes anywhere without their smartphone. Great applications have become essential to learning new information, locating …


Fitness: 6 Steps on How To Ease Back Into Working Out
We’ve all failed to keep up our exercise routines at some point. Weeks without training, consecutive days of binging especially during the holidays…


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You + Them: A Night At The Symphony (Kokology #3)
You + Them: Five Conversations You Should Never Have On a First Date


Depression: Understand What’s Going On
Money Matters: Sure Signs You’re Mismanaging Your Finances
Take a Moment For Mesothelioma


Global Young Executive: Your Invite to the Successful Interview Club
AntiGravity Yoga: A Fun Way of Working Out

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