I’m always in the pursuit of happiness whether it’s in career or personal life. I am one of those who try to find the answer to the age old question “what is my purpose in life?”

I struggled with drug addiction sometime in high school, I also had eating disorders and depression. It even got to the point that I nearly took my own life because I thought I was a hopeless case. It was dark and I felt alone, lost, confused and scared. I got the help I needed and I’m incredibly grateful to the people around me because without them I wouldn’t be where I am right now. I was given another chance to life and I promised myself I would make it better this time.

Because of these people’s investments in my life, I strive hard to excel in whatever I do. I finished my Bachelor’s Degree with flying colors and topped the Nurses’ Licensure Exam. I also went to get a Master’s degree and chose to work in practice (that time as a nurse) as learning is my first priority. I want to have a practical grip on what I learn theoretically. I want to help my family so I thought of venturing abroad to seek for better opportunities, so I took the NCLEX-RN (State of California) and passed it.

Fortunately, I was able to land on a few jobs locally, but I thought that being successful means getting a high-paying job and being able to afford all the things that my family and I need. Through out, I tried most opportunities given to me, doing odd jobs, some side hustles and a few professional ones like being a Pediatric Nurse and later working in a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and even got promoted as a Quality Assurance Specialist. Don’t get me wrong, the pay was great but the lack of autonomy caused me to feel caged and unhappy. I felt like I wasn’t growing anymore, and I just feel so… stagnant and stuck. I am not a routine person. I would make every day a new adventure favorable to learning, discovery, creativity and accomplishing my #bucketlist.

I realized that I needed a career shift and decided to leave everything behind. The thought of leaving something that I’ve invested so much in and not being able to see what the future brings is truly terrifying. I got to admit, I am afraid of failure, most specially I am afraid of letting my loved ones down. But I don’t let that dictate what risks I take, and I continue to strive towards my goals. So I took the leap, and could not be happier about my choice. I am now an owner of a small business in the Philippines. It gives me the opportunity to help my family and to help others. And of course, to travel more.

In return, I volunteer in some non-profit organizations. I also do a bit of mentoring in my spare time. I mentor entrepreneurs in general but especially like working with students who are still trying to figure out what they want to do with their careers. It’s always good to give back to the community especially, the youth. I was once a lost little girl. Literally lost, as in lost in the middle of nowhere. No plans, no dreams, no commitments, NO for everything.

Just remember, if you’re feeling lost or stuck, unhappy with where you are at the present, and it seems like everyone else is moving forward while you’re falling behind. Don’t get trapped by your negative thoughts. Explore your options. Find one solution you believe in and commit to it. Tackle one challenge. Overcome it. Tackle another. Overcome it. And repeat. If you try to tackle all your challenges at once, you’ll be able to give your best to none. Change your thoughts and you’ll change your life. Everything starts in the mind. And don’t forget to help the others along the way. You got this! ❤