15 Signs that You Might be a Stage-5 Clinger


If you’re too needy in a relationship, your partner can feel so drained from your interactions that he/she feels compelled to end the relationship, or at the very least, he/she may limit his/her time with you. Remember, being clingy is the exact opposite of being confident. Confidence and leadership create attraction. Clinginess kills it.

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Five Conversations You Should Never Have On a First Date


I’ve gone on my fair share of bad dates, but the one I went on last Monday night annoyed me so badly I haven’t been able to stop brooding about it. First dates is about getting to know someone, and seeing if you enjoy their company. You’re likely to be nervous, and for some, this means non-stop chattering. And while there are certain taboo subjects that you know not to discuss on a date—like your recurrent gastric reflux—there are less obvious topics that should be off limits, too.

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