What’s Your Sign?


Guy: Let me guess? You’re a Leo?
Me (confuse): Yes? Why?
Guy: I knew it! You’re all smiles. And… You seem like an independent person but can be controlling.
Me: Hey! Did you just call me controlling?!
Guy:  Hahaha! You have this ‘I’m the Boss’ vibe going on.
Me:  *raises left eyebrow*
Guy: Also… Hmm… You have a special relationship with either an Aries or a Sagittarius.
Me: I am not sure but my best friend was born on November 28.
Guy: Yup, Sagittarius.
Me: Dude… No way! Hahaha!

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10 Habits of a Mentally Strong Person


Mental strength involves more than just drive or willpower; it is a collection of attributes that allow a person to persevere through difficult circumstances and emerge without losing confidence by establishing healthy habits and choosing to devote their time and energy to self-improvement.

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7 Reasons Why Being a Homebody Isn’t So Bad

Three weeks ago, I’ve tripped over a pothole  in the sidewalk while running – and twisted an ankle. It hurt incredibly bad and I thought I might have broken it, so to the ER I went. I have been advised to stay off of my foot until it heals, so here I am – homebound.

I was never a homebody. I hated being stuck within the confines of anywhere. I had always been busy with work and would rather stay out of the house and roam around the Metro or go for an out-of-towner, especially on weekends, but I’ve noticed that being a homebody isn’t so bad either.

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12 Life Lessons that I’ve Learned from Traveling

Maribina Falls, Virac

It’s no secret that traveling opens our eyes, but today I’ll be sharing with you how traveling has changed me… for the better. I used to be a very rigid person, but traveling has helped me loosen up and expand my horizon. I’ve pushed myself to the limit, eaten new food, learned new dialect, conquered my fear of heights, overall it helped me break out of my comfort zone and enjoy what the world has to offer. Here are 12 life lessons that traveling has taught me.

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15 Life Lessons that I Learned From My First Marathon


I’ve learned that finishing a marathon isn’t just an athletic achievement. It’s a state of mind; a state of mind that says anything is possible. – John Hanc, running writer

Last February 1, 2015, I ran my first 42km, the Condura Skyway Marathon.  I was a little apprehensive because it was my first time to run a race that I think couldn’t finish. Honestly, it was an overwhelming and humbling experience. Maybe one day I’ll run the race again and get my time but for now, I’m just really thankful to have done it and finished injure-free.

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