Safety Tips for Running in the Dark


I usually run in the evening, first  because of convenience and not necessarily preference. It’s practically impossible to run in the morning (except for weekends) when there is work and other responsibilities to attend to. Second, there is way less humidity than there is in the morning and that’s what makes a run feel difficult for me. I can’t deal with too much heat. Finicky much? 😛

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Choosing a Running Buddy


Is having a running buddy really necessary? Think of it as, you know, having someone to share your training with- physically and verbally. Someone to keep you accountable and vice versa. Especially in the morning when it is impossible to get up at 5:00 AM because your bed is too comfortable but you have no choice but to get up because you have to keep to your arranged time to run (just so you know, I am not a morning person). Having a buddy also provides extra protection from those wishing to cause you harm. So what qualities should I look for and how do I get one?

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My Journey from a Chain-Smoker to a Marathoner


I have smoked for 5 years and could finish 1 1/2 packs per day. Yes, I was a chain-smoker. When I smoke my first cigarette, I can’t just smoke half of it or most of it, I smoke the entire thing until the burning ash is touching my fingers and then before tossing the already burnt piece of nothing, I take out another cigarette and light the next one with the burning cigarette of nothing in my hand and use that to light that next cigarette.

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Friendship Power Kembot – My Very First!

*** Picture heavy post – mostly Cliff and I’s faces so… Enjoy? 😀

Last Sunday, Cliff dragged me into joining this really awesome activity called Friendship Power Kembot. For those who cannot understand Tagalog, ‘kembot’ means shaking of the hips (but don’t take it literally).  The organizers did an amazing job in choosing the route because it has a combination of rough roads, pavement surfaces and trails that went constantly uphill and downhill. To be honest, I really had a hard time keeping up specially, that I haven’t had an LSD (Long Slow Distance) run  in a very long time.  It is said to be a 21 km trail starting in Silang, Cavite and back via Cardiac Hill Loop and Nuvali Trails (which is a popular trail among bikers). It felt more like a 28 km but that’s just me.

For someone with semi-OCD, I’m so happy about my race bib. 🙂

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