6 Favorite Mind-Twisting Films of All-Time

tilt11aug2014on a Monday!

3:00 AM blogging on a Monday. Not normal, you say? I agree. I can’t sleep, so I have given up trying.  I’m not used to blogging on a Monday (especially, at 3:00 AM), but while I’m here – let’s make this post a fun one! 

My kind of movie ranges from Classic (old Hollywood) to suspense thrillers, but my favorite is anything  that plays with your mind, confuses you, and leads you on. The kind of ending that swoops in from some direction no one is looking and switches the story up. I’m a sucker for mind-twisting plots and/or addictive climatic cliff hangers.

Here’s a list of my all-time favorite movies that I think are twisted in their own ways. Enjoy!
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Shades of Rose (Hair Color)


I’ve itched to dye my hair for a while now but cannot decide on a color, I want to do a certain shade of blue or something like an ombre of turquoise and dark blue. Such pretty colors! I want to try something different and you know, go outside of my comfort zone. Red is my color. Just because I liked it best, I owned it. How many other things have I claimed as mine so easily? Hahaha!

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Parlez-vous Français? Do you speak French?


The French language, for me,  is the most romantic and sophisticated language. The way they pronounce the words I think even if you’re insulting someone it would still sound beautiful like whispering some sweet nothings. My fascination started when my parents enrolled me in a French-speaking school in Davao. We were taught how to speak basic phrases like Bonjour, bon soir, and Au revoir! And some advanced phrases such us Quel temps fait-il? (What’s the weather like?).  And to further enhance it, I enrolled myself in a language-tutorial program (and completed it) last year.

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Watching Concerts and Gigs | TILT


There’s just nothing like seeing a good live band. I just love the feeling of loud music (and that awesome feeling of getting to hear your favorite song being performed live by the artist itself) and a lot of people around you enjoying (singing, dancing and even shouting). I love being part of the show. I’m not as wild as I used to be at concerts. I used to try to get as close as I could to the stage and be right in the middle of things. Now I just try to get to a much safer area with a good view and as long as I can hear the songs clearly then I am good.

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