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The BossInk Tattoo Studio in Pasig City

Getting Inked at The BossInk Tattoo Studio in Pasig City

If you are looking for a tattoo shop where you can get a high quality tattoo by some really awesome people, then this is where you need to come.

When the owner asked whether this was my first tattoo, I kind of said yes, because it had been a while since I’d gotten my last one. It’s my first “visible” tattoo, my first colorful tattoo, my first that’s bigger than my thumb, my first that I don’t regret getting (lmao), my first that isn’t a text or a quotation, and my first that I took the time to find an artist/shop.

The Preparation

I am a little finicky about hygiene, and as a Nurse, I always prioritize cleanliness over everything else. Jan was the one who prepared my skin, and I appreciate that their shop uses antiseptic solutions other than just alcohol. I was given ample opportunity to ask questions and was given detailed answers, I felt completely at ease with the professionalism and care I received.


The place is a chill and welcoming space, and the people who run it are really friendly. Though it may not be “that” visible since it’s not along the highway – it’s located on the 5th floor of The Oasis Hub B. It was clean. Very clean. Before allowing me to sit in the chair, they sanitized the area. I also liked that they have a strict “appointment-only” policy as I’m not a fan of crowded places.

Getting my tattoo:

The BossInk Tattoo Studio in Pasig City
The BossInk Tattoo Studio in Pasig City

I came across their page a few days before my appointment and saw some of their designs. I wanted one with a “watercolor” feel and gave a photo for reference. The tattoo matches the photo provided down to every last detail and Patrick, the artist added a few touches of his own to give it a unique look. I appreciate that he and Jan took my concerns seriously and didn’t dismiss my queries; instead, they were patient in answering them.

The BossInk Tattoo Studio in Pasig City
Serotonin is a chemical messenger that’s believed to act as a mood stabilizer. It’s said to help produce healthy sleeping patterns as well as boost your mood.


I’m not sure if it’s a trade secret, so I’m not going to disclose (my prior tattoos were ‘dry-healed’), but I was told to leave it on for 7 days. There was no irritation, swelling, or excessive bleeding.

My tattoo remained intact even after I removed it. I kept an eye on it for two weeks and didn’t see any negative affects.

Also, If you work in healthcare, you may be familiar with the term “Health Teaching.” Before you leave the hospital, your doctor/nurse will write out a plan for your home care. It tells you what to expect, what to do, and encourages you to contact them if anything goes wrong. I received the same treatment at The BossInk Tattoo.


For the service that I received, it was totally worth it.

Setting an Appointment:

DM their FB page. They’re very responsive.

Would I recommend this shop?

HELL YEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! 👌 Anyone looking for a great shop in town would be crazy to pass this one up. I would recommend this to anyone going for the first time or who already has a body of art. They will clarify all the doubts a first-timer might have regarding tattooing. Props to Jan and Patrick!


The BossInk Tattoo Studio
ADDRESS: Unit 501 One Oasis Filinvest Hub B Pasig City
HOURS: Strictly by appointment
CONTACT NO.: 0915 877 4130
WEBSITE: The BossInk FB Page
MODES OF PAYMENT: Cash, Gcash, Bank Transfer
LANGUAGE: Filipino, English
SERVICE: Permanent Tattoo, Body Piercing, Henna Tattoo And Clothing

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  3. I’ve never heard of Pasig City before. Guess I need to explore the Philippines. Is it really more fun in the Philippines?

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