letters from afar

In this digital age, we don’t receive much snail mail anymore. Don’t get me wrong, texts and emails are wonderful and speedy, but they are not as enduring and lovely as a handwritten letter on pretty stationery that you can hold and keep forever. AND I TERRIBLY MISS IT!

Imagine the excitement I felt upon receiving my very first letter from Isabelle, a traveler who writes about her adventures around the world.

letters from afar

What Are Letters from Afar?

Letters from Afar are beautiful, handcrafted letters that are delivered to you via snail mail and they feature a different location each month. The letters contain thoroughly researched facts about the location, its inhabitants, history, and geography that are incredibly engaging.

letters from afar

What’s Included?

You get two hand-crafted letters from different countries that are printed on recycled paper. You also get two stamps.

Old Fashioned Mail Still Has Meaning

When I was a kid, there was nothing more exciting than receiving mail. Birthdays would come around, and the family out of town would send cards and it was the best feeling. Someone took the time to actually: 1) buy a card, 2) write something nice and, 3) go somewhere to actually mail it!

How to Join the Journey

Head over to Letters from Afar, for $6 to receive a handcrafted letter in the mail each month.

letters from afar

Ideas for Using Letters from Afar

GIFT – I received mine as a gift from my boyfriend. He knew how much I missed traveling and decided to subscribe to Letters from Afar then had it delivered to my address. It is the perfect gift especially for travelers who are currently stuck at home due to travel restrictions.

A BEDTIME STORY FOR KIDS – Each letter is well-written and enjoyable.

INSPIRATION – I already have 8 letters and gives me an idea of what to see and expect in each country. Overall, I have a ton more items added to my bucket list.

START A STAMP COLLECTION – Each month you will be receiving two letters from different countries along with them are stamps.

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