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Life Was Meant For Good Friends and Great Adventures

Happy best friends day! Well, at least in the United States. We all have friends who have our back no matter what the situation. Never Debbie Downers, these are people who consistently buoy us back up when we feel like we’re sinking. Think about that friend who knows exactly what to say when you’re feeling down – the person who will point out your recent accomplishments or help you laugh at a situation. Everyone needs that go-to buddy who can lift you up when you need it the most – I’m blessed with two! This Best Friends Day, I dedicate this post to these two annoying people in my life.


Picture 1: Meet my ‘Plus 1’.
Picture 2: He’s supposed to be ‘working’ but he said he wanted to see me. Clingy much, Cliff?

When we first met at a friend’s party back in 2010, I thought he was some 🙄playboy hunting for his next prey. He’s good-looking, he was dressed impeccably and he’s very charming. After we got introduced, he took the seat next to me and he started chatting me up. When it was time for them to leave, he asked to take pictures with me.

Needless to say, the few friends in attendance teased me once he left. 2 years after, he applied to the company I was working at – of course, he got hired because he’s awesome.

We bond over several things including traveling, mountain climbing, and food. Mostly, food (later we’d complain about gaining weight hahaha). We are each other’s ‘plus 1’ when one of us gets invited, and whenever I tell my parents that I’ll be going out, I’ll just mention his name and I’m free to go (no questions ask). #StrictParentsProblem


Boat-ride to Cagbalete Island, Quezon Province

I don’t know how we became best of friends but he was a classmate from the second year to the fourth year of college. My circle of friends was composed of mischievous man-boys (I was the only rose among the thorns) and he was the closest. We share the same hobbies, interests, and points of view (most of the time). No, we never dated nor thought of pursuing the other. One of the things that I admire about him is that he’s quick-witted. I don’t have to explain things he just ‘gets it’ (it’s like we can read each others’ minds). He too enjoys traveling, climbing mountains and when I enrolled in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class, he followed.

After graduation/passing the board exam, we still hang out, talk on the phone and play video games. When he got married (much to my relief – Mia, you’re heaven-sent), he made me one of the bride’s maids and when his son was born I was the godmother.

These two were schoolmates in high school. Small world, right? The few times they bumped onto each other, they hardly talked (at least that’s what they told me). One morning, I dragged tagged Cliff along with me since Julius and I agreed to train for the next marathon we signed up to. Cliff is now Julius’ financial advisor. ❤️

These two took adventures with me, laughed with me, seen me cry and pulled me up when I was in crumbles. I couldn’t imagine life without these amazing men who I consider my brothers from another mothers.

Shameless Plug

Looking for a trust-worthy financial advisor?

I highly recommend Cliff Mondarte (Sun Life).

His sense of responsibility and social conscience makes me admire him more. It was him who urged me to take financial literacy seriously and he was very patient in explaining what needs to be done. He’ll go above and beyond to help those who are in need (and I never heard him complain). He’s also very straightforward and cordial, an overall excellent person to deal with. I trust him with my life, much more with my finances. I would vouch for him with confidence.

30 thoughts on “Life Was Meant For Good Friends and Great Adventures

  1. The thing about guy friends is that they are easier to approach, to talk to when you have problems and they would give you honest advices too. They are not moody, choosy, or maarte like girls, that is why I also treasure my guy best buds. Haha. But of course, you have to set boundaries if it’s just friendship.

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  2. My bestfriend since highschool is a guy too, although we don’t often see each other anymore, when we chat, it was as though our last talk was just yesterday…

    People like this are for keeps. And oh,having a financial plan is the same as having that caring kind of friend.

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  3. awww iilan lang ang merong bestfriend na guy na hindi walang malimalisya. like genuine ones. sarap itreasure lalo na if me partner na sila and okay din with the partner.. namiss ko tuloy yung guy bestfriend ko buong 2020 shempre di kami nagkita, once pa lang this year nun binyag ng anak. hehe.

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