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How to Become a Lord or Lady without Leaving the Philippines

The coronavirus pandemic has canceled and postponed countless travel plans, I had 5 internationals and 3 of which were already booked as early as 2019. Despite the challenges posed by this virus, there are companies that try to ease our cravings to travel.

One of these companies is Highland Titles, a land preserver in Glencoe Wood, Scotland. They offer the ability to buy a Scottish title. For a price anyone can become a Scottish Lord or Lady, and this title can be handed down to their descendants – or so they say.

Master Title Deed, Personalized Certificate and ‘I’m a Lady’ sticker
(Delivery to the Philippines took almost a month via regular mail)

Last February 14, 2020, my boyfriend bought me a 10 square feet plot in Glencoe, a village in western Scotland as a Valentine’s gift.

Included in the package are the following:

  • 10 square feet plot of land in Mountainview
  • You may style yourself as Laird, Lord or Lady of Glencoe
  • Gift Pack containing parchment certificate with embossed seal suitable for framing (personalized certificate, Master Title deed, information booklet, stickers, and plot ID card)
  • Instantly downloadable certificate
  • VIP Membership
  • Meet and Greet Service
  • Notepad and postcard
  • Highland Titles DVD
  • Free 1sqft plot of land in Glencoe Wood
Personalized Certificates

Last April 2021, he bought the couples package that includes:

  • 2 x 1 square foot plots of land in Glencoe Wood
  • Two names and two titles on your certificate. Two identical copies of the certificate are supplied.
  • Instantly downloadable certificate
  • Adjoining plots
  • 2 people may style themselves as Laird, Lord or Lady of Glencoe
  • Gift Pack containing parchment certificate with embossed seal suitable for framing
  • VIP Membership
Oh, hey! There’s my plot!

While the plots of land are only 1 square feet each (in most packages), I think the distinction (OK, novelty) of being a true Scottish lord or lady cannot be measured.

Should I officially change my name to ‘Lady Paula’ instead of signing off as ‘Polly’? My boyfriend dropped most of my French nicknames and has stuck with ‘My Lady’ or ‘Lady Paula’. 😁

A girl can dream, right?

DISCLAIMER: This is meant to be funny and give you a break from all of the negative stuff that’s been plaguing the world and the interwebs. Walang basagan ng trip.

10 thoughts on “How to Become a Lord or Lady without Leaving the Philippines

  1. I’ve seen this on Facebook a lot and I have to admit, I’m curious. I want this and a star to my name, heehee. Anyway, do you really own that plot of land in truth? Or is it just a romantic gesture?


  2. This is the first time I heard about acquiring the title of “lady/lord”. I’m curious about it.
    So, this needs a sponsor? or you can buy the title of your own? Hope I can see the place.


  3. Your grace! hahahaha kasali ba to…. uy interesting lalo na nanonood ako ng the crown now. makabili nga. nyahhaha. papano yun literal na me lupa ka/kayo sa scotland? pwede na ba patayuan ng castle? hehe


  4. Ang lakas maka Bridgerton yung na-aaddress as lady 😀 I’m just curious though, can you actually use it to address you kahit san ka magpunta? OMG I want pero nakakapressure sa sarili baka kasi you need to act like one na to really get into character as a lady hahaha. Bagay na bagay yung Lady Paula huhu inggit me


  5. This is really cool 😀 Scotland sounds like a nice place to be. I had no idea one could buy a title and be called lord or lady – it actually sounds intriguing. I think lady Polly would suit you 🙂


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