To allow a safe and efficient turn-around of administering COVID-19 vaccines to the masses, several local government units (LGUs) in Metro Manila have launched their online registration platforms.

covid-19 vaccination online registration
Citizens practicing minimum infection control precautions while on the queue for COVID-19 Vaccine

These forms will require you to register to the city where you belong. Will ask for your address, contact numbers, identification card numbers, medical histories, and previous diagnosis for COVID-19, if any.

NOTE: Please be informed that frontline health workers, senior citizens, indigent population, and uniformed personnel are the priority groups to be vaccinated due to limited supplies. Our frontline workers and uniformed personal have a higher risk of exposure while on duty. The government is in negotiations to ensure adequate vaccine supply for all Filipinos.

COVID-19 Vaccination Online Registration Websites


Las Pinas:ñasVaccination









Quezon City:

San Juan:

Taguig (Taguig Trace app):


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    Henry B.Umpay says:

    Barangay Pantok Binangonan KULILAT pagdating sa Vaccination information dissemination. Wala rin nagbahay2, kmi mga residents nga nga. Pumunta ako barangay nag inquire for vacvine, pinapapirma me 3 papel at isang 1/4 sheet of the same information for contact tracing, sinulat ko sa 4 na papel purpose ko COVID VACCINATION. Pinaantay me mga 15 minutes binigyan ako papel akl ko yun na yun form ko foe VACCINATION, nung binasa ko “HEALTH CERTIFICATE” fit to work daw ako. Nagcomplained ako for vaccination hindi Health certificate. Nagtawanan sila sa loob na na wow mali daw. WTF. Nagpa register me online Binangonan mag 1 month na wala nmn reply. Sa barangay health wala naman ako txt natanggap. Gusto ko sana magkaroon ako ng kahit first dose lang muna. Matagal na ako nagantay ng tawag ox txtan lang.

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