Metro Manila, Muntinlupa

Trick or treat at Ayala Alabang Village, Muntinlupa

One of the many things that I enjoy since we moved here at AAV, Muntinlupa over a decade ago is how the residents celebrate Halloween. I grew up in Davao City and Trick or Treating isn’t a thing back then, then I moved back to Metro Manila and lived in a gated village somewhere in Pasig City. It was awfully quiet save for the the cars driving by. Here’s a glimpse of how we celebrate Halloween at Ayala Alabang Village!

We’ve invited my sister and her family to spend Halloween here in Metro Manila. My brother-in-law who had an agenda in Makati City decided to stay somewhere near so we had to pick them in Bonifacio Global City. I was the designated driver so imagine how I felt driving with a pink wig on (thanks to RDIF I didn’t have to pay at the toll gates manually Hahaha).

This is what my dad and I came up with a week before. I suggested the Halimaw sa Banga, from a Filipino film that truly traumatized me as child but we thought the kids today wont be able to recognize it. So my dad suggested the generic Manananggal (a flying, disembodied, blood-sucking nightmare) since it’s well-known and I’m sure at some point parents have shared stories of it.

It took us three days to piece all of these together then the night before we installed them in the garage.

Me and my sister were a team: I was the driver, navigator, in-charge of whatever the kids need, etc. My sister was the photographer, answered calls for both our phones and updated the parents, and tells me whatever stories she can come up with so I don’t fall asleep. ❤️

Before we started our journey, Kylie Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez stopped by at our home to get their treats. I almost didn’t recognized Mariel.

One of our stops.

Collecting treats!

Queue at one of the houses at AAV. The number of trick or treaters was insane it was like an exodus of people!

One of our neighbors had pirate-themed decorations (they also made the house to look like a pirate ship which is mind-blowing) it was my absolute favorite! They wore pirate costumes that were realistic and spoke like pirates too (I’m not kidding). Not in the picture, they had a mermaid. My niece who wore a pirate costume fit perfectly well – one of the residents joked about leaving Andie behind.


I’m really proud of the outfits that my brother and niece wore. His inner & jeans were from his closet, his blazer was from a thrift shop we raided 2 weeks before, his wig is obvious from me, his gigantor sword were made from scratch the week before. My niece’s outfit were my costume from last year’s company party.

Auntie Polly vs Andie. She obviously wore it better. Ah, my little girl isn’t so little anymore!

Post Trick or Treat Dinner

Finally back home. It took the whole afternoon to collect treats from the neighborhood as most of the residents decided to participate. I’ve seen themes like haunted houses, Star Wars, Frozen, Transformers, and there was also a REAL hearse (with a coffin inside) that was parked outside of one of the houses. Creepy!

My parents wanted to eat outside (I thought in a restaurant nearby) but no, we literally took all our food outside and ate at the backyard.


Last year, we had a Kapre (a big, black, terrifying, hairy, muscular creature from the Philippine folklore) and a mini haunted house. Our old friend, the Manananggal was also present.

We didn’t invite guests so we all stayed home, plus I get to be the White Lady (a female ghost, typically dressed in a white dress), which I think was awesome because 1. I get to scare kids (and a few adults), 2. fulfill a life-long dream of working in a haunted house. 3. had an excuse to act like Emily Rose in a semi-public setting. I nearly got slapped in the face but overall, I enjoyed it a lot. 😂

How do you celebrate Halloween? Do you trick or treat? Carve pumpkins? Dress up? Tell ghost stories? Let us know by commenting below!

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