Ooma Japanese Rice Bar Review

I am not a fan of fusion cuisine (as it is so often done poorly). I do enjoy it once in a while, but given a choice between authentic cooking or fusion cuisine, I would much rather have the authentic one, the way the locals eat it. Given, I didn’t had a choice that day since most restaurants were full and my friend was insistent to try Ooma.

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The first time a friend and I stumbled upon Ooma Japanese Rice Bar, I liked the ambiance – casual and fun, and at the same time big enough, which meant that tables aren’t packed too closely to each other giving patrons plenty of privacy and it’s not that too noisy compared to other restaurants. By the way, I’ve already been here several times before the lockdown.


The menu had a great selection of meat and fish dishes, and there is definitely something for everyone. The staff were very helpful in explaining the menu and making recommendations.

Ooma Japanese Rice Bar

Scallop and Tuna Aburi Maki (P 395)
Torched scallop, tuna, cucumber, sesame seeds, nori crumbs, Scallion, Teriyaki suace, spicy mayo, Kimchi aioli

Ooma Japanese Rice Bar

California Taco-Maki (P 135)
Open-faced temaki wrap, Kani stick, Aligue mayo, Herb Aioli, Mango pico

Ooma Japanese Rice Bar

Gyudon (P 289)
Sous-vide beef short plat, fresh mushroom, fried shallot, fresh egg, house tare

Ooma Japanese Rice Bar

Oyako Don (P 289) 
Smoked sous-vide chicken, fresh mushroom, onion, fresh egg, crispy check skin, house tare

Ooma Japanese Rice Bar

Half-baked chocolate lava cake (P 185)

As we ate our dinners, I spied around at the meals being delivered to the other diners and think I detected a trend – very generous portion sizes especially their udon.

I tried more of what’s in their menu but the food featured above are some of what I enjoyed the most. Other few are: Tori Udon (P 395), Salmon Skin Aburi Maki (P 265) and Ebi and Kani Aburi Maki (P 265).


It’s a hit or miss. The first few times I went there, the service was fine. The worst I experienced, the restaurant was barely full, only 3-5 tables and yet service was extremely slow. My Aburi Maki arrived early then I waited 15 mins in between for my Oyako Don and it’s odd how that took way longer til I followed up and looks like the waiter missed out on that. I thought it’s just my order but bill processing took awhile also considering there’s less customers. I didn’t feel value for the service (take note: there’s service charge) but food quality was terrific!


If you can look pass their service and focus on the food, Ooma is worth trying if you haven’t yet.



Japanese, Filipino, Fusion
ADDRESS: Third Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
BUSINESS HOURS: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Monday – Sunday)
(02) 656-4591
LANGUAGE: Filipino, English

📌 DISCLAIMER: Golden Island Senorita seeks to deliver readers with honest and straightforward reviews. This review is entirely based on my personal experience. I did not (and still do not) get any compensation for my visit, including freebies, free meals, gift vouchers, and the like, and I paid for the food out of my own wallet.


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    Mukhang maganda at masarap. Dito puro Intsik ang nagpapandaar ng mga Japanese restaurant…peke yata. Mayroon lang 2 o 3 totoong Japanese sa Roma

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    Yum!! I love great Japanese food. Now if only I lived closer!!!

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