Capernaum, Israel - The Town of Jesus

Travel Guide: Capernaum, Israel

Capernaum is a Biblical town in northern Israel’s Galilee region, near Bethsaida, the Mount of Beatitudes, and Tabgha, as well as the Jordan River and Tiberias on the northwestern coast of the Sea of Galilee.

We visited Capernaum during our trip to Israel and were immensely inspired. We learned during a guided tour that here is where Jesus lived for a while with the apostle Peter’s mother-in-law. The chance to walk where Christ walked two thousand years ago is incredible and one-of-a-kind, and it should not be passed up. Viewing the remnants and ruins of the old town gives a whole different perspective on how Our Lord and the people of His day lived. It’s not like the classic pictures and mental images you might recall from elementary school. After exploring the lanes of Capernaum’s ruins, even the most ordinary individual may feel closer to and have a deeper grasp of the New Testament and Christ’s life.

Capernaum in Israel, the Town of Jesus

Brief History of Capernaum

Caperneum, also known as Kfar Nahum, was a significant Galilean fishing community and a bustling economic hub. This location is of particular interest to Christians because to its frequent mention in the life of Jesus Christ. Peter, Andrew, James, and John were also residents. It played a distinct and significant role in Christ’s life and ministry, as well as his outreach to the people of Israel. The people of Capernaum, including a number of high-ranking citizens, were given unique and plentiful opportunity to hear Jesus Christ’s message firsthand.

Capernaum in Israel, the Town of Jesus

The Synagogue

This synagogue’s history is debatable, but it is clearly later than the first century. Excavations have unearthed a synagogue from the time of Jesus, with walls 4 feet thick and fashioned of worked stone.

Capernaum in Israel, the Town of Jesus
Capernaum in Israel, the Town of Jesus
Capernaum in Israel, the Town of Jesus

The early walls were preserved up to three feet high, and the whole western wall still stands and served as the basis for the later synagogue.

Capernaum in Israel, the Town of Jesus

The House of Peter

Excavations uncovered one residence that stood out from the others. This home attracted early Christian attention, as evidenced by 2nd century graffiti and a 4th century house church built above it. Above this, in the 5th century, a large octagonal Byzantine church with a baptistery was constructed. Pilgrims referred to this as the Apostle Peter’s House.

Capernaum in Israel, the Town of Jesus
Foundations of octagonal 5th-century church, visible through a glass floor


Northern shores of the Sea of Galilee, on road 87
HOURS: Daily 08:00 AM -5:00 PM.

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