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21 Kilometer Trail Run via Cardiac Hill in Silang, Cavite

*** Picture heavy post – mostly Cliff and I’s faces so… Enjoy? 😀


Last Sunday, Cliff and I were invited to this activity called the Friendship Power Kembot, a running event organized by the Fabulous Running Divas to build a sense of comradery among the running community. To those who cannot understand Tagalog, ‘kembot’ means to shake the hips (but don’t take it literally). 😛 The route has a combination of rough road, pavement and trails that went constantly uphill and downhill. It is said to be a 21km trail starting form Silang, Cavite and back via the infamous Cardiac Hill in Laguna. 

Doing some warm-up exercises at 4:00 AM.



Let me flex my race bib first! My OCD is tingling! 😀 

Selfie no. 1: Rough roads ahead!




cardiac-hill-trail-run-003Cemented part. Woohoo!
Selfie no. 2: First 5 kilometers! Yes, we’re still alive!! We took advantage of the cemented parts. We passed by several rough roads (and trails) and I think I already tripped twice. 😀
Trail. Again.
cardiac-hill-trail-run-006Eventually, you’ll pass by this. Still cracks me up. 😛


Selfie no. 3: 12 km at last! Half-way! Woohoo!

“Hukay” in English means “Grave.”
Me: C, are you ready to die? *points at the school*
Cliff: Pain or pleasure? *looks at the school* Oh!
Me: You pig! 
Both: *laughs out loud*


This view though!

Selfie no. 4: We finally reached Valenza Crownasia!
cardiac-hill-trail-run-010Runners taking advantage of the road. Thank goodness there are cemented parts, I would have died crawling my way back.

Ambulance on stand by.


Selfie no. 5:
 Ok guys, welcome to Cardiac hell. I mean, Cardiac Hill. I am firm with most of my decisions but this one… Dang! I hated my life so much! *think happy thoughts: FOOD, BULALO, SISIG, UNLIMITED RICE. ICE CREAM! *

Cardiac Hill.
This evil place is one of the popular uphills among cyclists. It’s almost three kilometers of continuous ascend. If you think you’re already finished on the next turn, the road only keeps getting steeper. And that’s only the first part. Definitely, not for the faint-hearted! 

Pfftt… No big deal, right?

How about now? *cries* My poor knees!


Surprise! There’s more! This went on for 3 KM!

Going back to Silang! Yehey! You have no idea how relieved I was. Flat, semi-even trail! 😀
Almost there! 😀 😀 😀

We were some of the early birds to finish the run (my estimated personal record or “PR” is: 5 hours and 16 minutes). Some, as you can see, still managed to smile and look good in the picture while I’m obviously exhausted. I bet even the guy I was talking to was exhausted of hearing me complain about being exhausted (and my knees!).  Hahaha! Guys, how do you do that?



The experience is extraordinary! To be honest, I didn’t know that we will be tackling the Cardiac Hill on that day. I was only told that it’s in Cavite and it’s going to be a 21-km run (my Garmin says 25 km though). I would have done some preparations, right? Hahaha! But in all seriousness, I really had a good time running, sight-seeing and laughing our butts off along the way. I am so incredibly grateful to be invited along to events such as this and to be able to meet new friends whose faces I often see in the races that I have joined. People from different parts of Manila, from different running teams. The organizers did a great job in choosing the route because it is VERY challenging. I did a few trail runs prior to this but this has to be one of the most notorious when it comes to elevation. Oh, and it almost pushed me to my limits. I would like to give it another shot. Meanwhile… #Bucketlist, ticked! 😀

If you’re visiting the Philippines and would like to test your endurance whether you want to run or cycle… THIS IS THE PERFECT SPOT!


Post-run team lunch at Mang Inasal. UNLIMITED RICE!! <3

Photo Credit: Cliff M., Lyana J.


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  1. 21KM wow!!! what a long trail. It sounds like a great adventurous place but challenging.

  2. aubrimjackson says:

    That looks like a lot of fun! I do a lot of mud runs and hiking. I may look into trying something like this in the future! Very inspiring.

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