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Haunted Places: Manila Film Center in Manila, Philippines


The Amazing Show formerly known as the Manila Film Center is a national building situated at the southwest end of the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex in Pasay City, Philippines. A project by the former first lady Imelda Marcos and it is known as one of the haunted places in the country.


In November 17, 1981 at around 3:00 AM, an accident occurred during the construction. A large portion of the scaffolding collapsed, and sent at least 169 (actual number is unknown, but this is often cited as the best estimate) workers tumbling into a large amount of quick drying cement that had been freshly laid. Typically, the immediate response would be to send out help, rescue the fallen and save as many as possible but when the first lady heard about the tragedy and realized it would take a lot of time to retrieve the bodies and the workers from the hardened cement, she and the administration put a security blackout on the area and imposed no entry zone stood for nine hours until finally people were allowed to enter, in order to rescue those still living.



Moans and wails have been reported, coming from the concrete foundations of the structure, and apparitions seemingly partially sunk into the concrete have been witnessed. Late night rehearsals and cleaning is always reportedly a time of fear for those present, who feel a crushing sense of claustrophobia as they work. Some reported hearing random people asking visitors to call their homes, to tell their families they are okay.



Contrary to it being haunted, the building and the surrounding area is a popular fitness buffs. Roxas Boulevard gets very busy on weekend mornings. People run, play Frisbee, bike, do aerobics or Zumba, and have a game of badminton, tennis, or volleyball. There are designated spots for certain sports; you just have to choose one. Within the complex you’ll see, the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Runners might find the C.C.P. Ramp a challenge. Just a few rounds on the ramp can get your heart pumping and your sweat pouring. During one of my and my running team’s meet up, I’ve explored around the building. I didn’t have any paranormal experience, it was rather peaceful.

You are not allowed inside unless you have a ticket to watch a show. You are free to admire the building and its surroundings though. I was approached by the security and was told that taking pictures isn’t allowed – that I have to get a permit from the ‘head office’ which is located inside the CCP building.


The Amazing Show (Manila Film Center)
Address: Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex, Roxas Blvd., Pasay, Luzon, Philippines
Hours:  Entry to the building isn’t

Would suggest to book a trip via the Grab App or Angkas.
The location pin is: Amazing Show (Pasay)


Do you enjoy exploring haunted places or would you consider visiting one? Did you find this travel guide helpful? Any tips that you’d like to add? Let me know by commenting below!

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