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2019 Visa-Free Destinations for Philippine Passport Holders

Planning on traveling soon? Going to France, US, or Japan? It can be quite discouraging knowing that these countries have strict visa requirements. Applying for visa is time-consuming and costly and there’s no reassurance that you’ll get one – plus you wont get your money back when you get denied.

So Filipinos tend to travel somewhere around the world where they can enter countries without needing a visa.

When traveling visa-free you need to make sure that you meet the following guidelines:

  • Passport must be valid least six months from the date of entry
  • Passport holder must have confirmed hotel reservation and a return flight ticket
  • If you are planning to stay longer than the allowed maximum period, you must secure an appropriate visa depending on your purpose of visit.

What are the types of Visa?

  1. Visa-Free entry – refers to the ability to travel to a foreign country without the need for a travel visa. In such a case only a valid passport is required for entry and exit purposes; You can stay for a period of time.
  2. Visa On Arrival (VOL) – this is the type of visa that Filipinos must secure before they are allowed to enter the border. It can be obtained at the airport, seaport, or point of entry of the said country and it will be issued by an immigration officer. Travelers do no need to set a visa appointment prior but will need to pay a certain fee.
  3. Electronic Visa (eVisa) – it is nothing more or less than applying for (and receiving) your tourist visa online from the comforts of your home. You go through a series of steps wherein you provide them with the required information, use your credit card to pay for it, and finally print out your visa
  4. Visa Require – it means that travelers must apply for a visa to the country before actually travelling there. You will be asked to submit personal documents, return tickets and proof of financial capacity depending on the country.

Below you will find the countries to which holders of a normal Philippine passport can travel without a visa or by simply getting a visa online or at the border gate. They are listed according to their continent.


Country Type of Visa Duration
BruneiVisa-Free14 Days
CambodiaVisa-Free21 Days
IndonesiaVisa-Free30 Days
LaosVisa-Free30 Days
MalaysiaVisa-Free30 Days
MyanmarVisa-Free14 Days
SingaporeVisa-Free30 Days
ThailandVisa-Free30 Days
VietnamVisa-Free21 Days


COUNTRY Type of Visa Duration
Hong KongVisa-Free14 Days
MacauVisa-Free30 Days
MongoliaVisa-Free21 Days
Palestinian TerritoryVisa Free
TaiwanVisa-Free14 Days


CountryType of VisaDuration
ArmeniaVisa On Arrival120 Days
IranVisa On Arrival 30 Days
GeorgiaE-Visa30 Days
KyrgyzstanVisa On Arrival 30 Days
MaldivesVisa On Arrival 30 Days
NepalVisa On Arrival 21 Days
Sri LankaE-Visa30 Days
TajikistanVisa On Arrival 45 Days
Timor-LesteVisa On Arrival 30 Days


CountryType of VisaDuration
BeninVisa On Arrival30 Days
Cape Verde IslandsVisa On Arrival
Comores Visa On Arrival45 Days
Cote d’lvoireVisa-Free90 Days
DjiboutiVisa On Arrival31 Days
GambiaVisa-Free90 Days
Guinea-BissauVisa On Arrival90 Days
Kenya Visa On Arrival90 Days
MadagascarVisa On Arrival30 Days
MalawiVisa On Arrival90 Days
MauritaniaVisa On Arrival
MauritiusVisa On Arrival60 Days
MoroccoVisa-Free90 Days
MozambiqueVisa On Arrival30 Days
RwandaVisa-Free90 Days
SeychellesVisa On Arrival90 Days
SomaliaVisa On Arrival30 Days
Tanzania Visa On Arrival90 Days
TogoVisa On Arrival7 Days
UgandaVisa On Arrival


CountryType of VisaDuration
Bolivia Visa-Free90 Days
BrazilVisa-Free90 Days
ColombiaVisa-Free90 Days
Costa RicaVisa-Free90 Days
EcuadorVisa-Free90 Days
NicaraguaVisa On Arrival 90 Days
PeruVisa-Free180 Days
SurinameVisa-Free90 Days


CountryType of VisaDuration
DominicaVisa-Free21 Days
HaitiVisa-Free90 Days
Saint LuciaVisa On Arrival6 Weeks
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesVisa-Free30 Days
Trinidad and TobagoVisa On Arrival


CountryType of VisaDuration
Cooks IslandVisa-Free31 Days
FijiVisa-Free120 Days
Marshall IslandVisa On Arrival 90 Days
MicronesiaVisa-Free30 Days
NiueVisa-Free30 Days
Palau IslandsVisa On Arrival30 Days
Papua New GuineaVisa On Arrival 60 Days
SamaoVisa On Arrival 60 Days
TuvaluVisa On Arrival 30 Days
VanuatuVisa-Free30 Days


The list of countries’ visa policy may change without notice so be sure to check the Henley Passport Index website the for updates as well as the respective embassy of the countries that you are planning to visit.

Happy travels!



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